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Correct spelling: thorns

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Quotes for thorns:

  1. I have seen one shrike occupy himself for hours in sticking up on thorns, a number of small fishes that the fishermen had thrown on the shore. The fishes dried up and decayed.
  2. If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears.
  3. At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses.
  4. There's no dearth of kindness In the world of ours; Only in our blindness We gather thorns for flowers.
  5. And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touch'd by the thorns.

Rhymes for thorns:

  1. horns, mourns, scorns, corns, warns;
  2. adorns;