How To Spell throughout?

Correct spelling: throughout

What is the definition of throughout?

  1. Quite through; from one extremity to the other of; also, every part of; as, to search throughout the house.

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This graph shows how "throughout" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for throughout?

  1. flout, bout, shout, route, lout, doubt, pout, spout, drought, out, tout, stout, snout, rout, grout, sprout, clout, scout, trout, crout, strout, fout, gout, kraut;
  2. redoubt, devout, without, reroute, all-out, about;

What are the translations for throughout?

Afrikaans word for Throughout


Arabic word for Throughout


Dutch words for Throughout

gedurende, in het hele, door het hele, in het gehele, door het gehele.

French words for Throughout

durant, à travers, lors de.

German words for Throughout

im Verlauf von, überall, hindurch, überall in, durchgehend, durchweg, durchwegs, ganz und gar, Pendant.

Greek word for Throughout

σε όλη τη διάρκεια.

Japanese word for Throughout


Javanese word for Throughout


Korean word for Throughout

...의 전체에.

Malay word for Throughout


Norwegian word for Throughout

over hele.

Polish words for Throughout

przez, poprzez.

Portuguese words for Throughout

através de, do começo ao fim.

Romanian word for Throughout

pe toată durata.

Russian word for Throughout

по всей площади.

Spanish words for Throughout

a lo largo de, durante todo, por todo, completamente, de principio a fin, desde el principio hasta el fin, de punta a cabo.

Turkish word for Throughout