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How To Spell TOCK?

Correct spelling: TOCK

List of misspellings for TOCK:

  • tovck,
  • tocvk,
  • t9ock,
  • tocmk,
  • tgock,
  • tovk,
  • to0ck,
  • tocck,
  • t5ock,
  • tocfk,
  • tocj,
  • twock,
  • tkock,
  • to9ck,
  • tokck,
  • 6ock,
  • tocki,
  • toxck,
  • toc k,
  • 6tock,
  • 5tock,
  • tyock,
  • t6ock,
  • tfock,
  • tofck,
  • toclk,
  • tockj,
  • tocxk,
  • tocik,
  • gtock,
  • tockm,
  • to ck,
  • t0ock,
  • tockl,
  • tocjk,
  • todck,
  • ytock,
  • tocdk,
  • tockk,
  • t ock,
  • ttock.

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This graph shows how "TOCK" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for TOCK:

  1. " Mis' Toplady an' Mis' Holcomb was high- eyebrows on the other side of it, an' they come at me like tick lookin' for tock – Friendship Village by Zona Gale
  2. The " tick- tock grew faster and faster- at last it was as if both clocks were screaming aloud. – The Wooden Horse by Hugh Walpole
  3. No one could unhook a bag like me, and heave it over my shoulder- tock – The New Book Of Martyrs by Georges Duhamel

Rhymes for TOCK:

  1. bloc, frock, locke, krock, hoch, dock, bach, flock, rock, mok, loch, kloc, sock, clock, kok, bloch, brok, haak, mock, chok, broc, lok, spock, sok, croc, poch, brock, jacques, caulk, wok, bok, stock, block, vlok, nock, crock, roc, blok, och, hock, boch, roch, hoc, walk, chalk, chock, kroc, knock, lock, schlock, smock, floc, glock, bock, mach, jock, doc, shock, pock;
  2. bangkok, o'clock, restock, unlock, isaak, undock, iraq;
  3. antiknock, interlock, overstock;

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