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Spell Check of under fire

Correct spelling: under fire


Common misspellings for under fire:

underfire, unfire.

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This graph shows how "under fire" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for under fire:

  1. acquire, asunder, attire, conspire, denier, desire, enquire, entire, reacquire.
  2. admire, afire, aspire, blunder, briar, brier, buyer, choir, crier, expire, funder, gunder, inquire, plunder, sunder.
  3. cryer, dire, drier, dryer, dwire, dwyer, dyer, eir, eyer, fire, flier, flyer, friar, frier, fryer, gire, grier, gyr, hier, higher, hire, inspire, ire, liar, lyre, maguire, mcguire, mcgwire, meier, meyer, mier, mire, misfire, myer, perspire, plier, prier, prior, pryer, pryor, pyre, quire, rehire, require, retire, rewire, safire, shier, shire, sire, spire, squier, squire, stier, supplier, swire, thunder, tire, transpire, trier, tyer, tyre, under, viar, wire, wonder, wunder, wyre.
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