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How To Spell watching?

Correct spelling: watching

List of misspellings for watching:

  • nachine,
  • twiching,
  • wathing,
  • attching,
  • wathcing,
  • matchign,
  • wating,
  • wtching,
  • watchong,
  • washingt,
  • yatching,
  • wathchng,
  • washng,
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  • watchign,
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  • betwitching,
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  • washign,
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  • wwatching,
  • twitchign,
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  • watiing.

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Are You Watching This?!



Are You Watching This?! is an Austin, Texas-based Sports Excitement Analytics company that uses algorithms to identify exciting sporting events. The company's data is used by millions of sports fans. It was founded by Mark Phillip, an African-American MIT Computer Science Major.

Nobody's Watching


Television program

Nobody's Watching is a US television program that was never broadcast. It originated with and was written by the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, as well as Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, writers for Scrubs and Family Guy.

Somebody is Watching You


1988 film

Alguien te está mirando is a 1988 Argentine horror film directed and written by Gustavo Cova and Horacio Maldonado. The film starred Horacio Erman. The horror film was released in English speaking countries as Somebody is Hanging Around.

These Streets are Watching


2003 film

These Streets are Watching is a 50-minute video on police accountability in three communities in the United States; Denver, Cincinnati and Berkeley.

You Stand Watching


Studio album by Ryan Cabrera

You Stand Watching is the second studio album from American pop music singer Ryan Cabrera, released in 2005. 2 singles were released from this album, "Shine On" and "Photo". This album is certified gold.

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Quotes for watching:

  1. Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up.
  2. There are few things more amusing in the world of politics than watching moderate Republicans charging to the right in pursuit of greater glory.
  3. Do not, on a rainy day, ask your child what he feels like doing, because I assure you that what he feels like doing, you won't feel like watching.
  4. You're in front of an audience, but you're playing for a camera. There's this huge adrenaline rush, because you know that besides the audience in the studio, there are millions of people watching at home.
  5. I was watching something the other day which started out with five guys walking towards you and one woman, and there you go -it's still being dominated by the male society.