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How To Spell wife?

Correct spelling: wife

Definition of wife:

  1. The lawful consort of a man; a woman who is united to a man in wedlock; a woman who has a husband; a married woman; - correlative of husband.

List of misspellings for wife:

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  • veifiy,
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What does the abbreviation wife mean?

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Mann & Wife is a comedy series that premiered on the digital television network Bounce TV on April 7, 2015. The series stars David Mann and Tamela Mann as newlywed couple Daniel and Toni Mann, who blend their family together after getting married.

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Quotes for wife:

  1. We made one film called Thy Neighbor's Wife in which I got flogged at the public whipping post for adultery. I did my best acting in that film, I guess.
  2. And then Dick called and said, I'm going to do a special called Dick Van Dyke and the other woman, that would be you, because every time I try to check into a hotel with my wife, they look at me as though I'm cheating on Laura.
  3. Early in the morning, I fell in love with the girl that later on became my wife. At that time, we were so naive. I wanted to charm her, so I read her Capital by Marx. I thought somehow she would be convinced by the strength of his criticism about capital.
  4. Men will bear many things from a kept mistress, which they would not bear from a wife.
  5. Take my wife... Please!

Rhymes for wife:

  1. fife, life, fyfe, rife, fyffe, strife, knife;
  2. saif;

Translations for wife:

Arabic word for Wife


Bengali word for Wife


Chinese words for Wife

vrou, 妻子.

Dutch words for Wife

vrouw, huisvrouw, echtgenote, gade, wijfje.

French words for Wife

femme, conjointe, bougresse.

German words for Wife

Frau, Ehegattin, Ehefrau, Gattin, Gemahlin, Ehepartnerin, Weib, Eheweib.

Italian word for Wife


Japanese words for Wife

妻, 嫁, ワイフ, 嫁さん, 嫁はん, 奥さま, 愚妻, おくさま, よめ, 母文字, 配偶者, かもじ, つまこ, 牝, 雌, 嬶, よめさん, 具, はしかし, さいし, 婦, 娵, さいしつ, ふじん, かかあ, はいぐうしゃ, ふじょし, 妻室, 媳, タイタイ, おくさん.

Korean word for Wife


Malay word for Wife


Marathi word for Wife


Norwegian word for Wife


Polish word for Wife


Portuguese words for Wife

mulher, bojo, consorte.

Romanian word for Wife


Spanish words for Wife

mujer, esposa.

Swedish word for Wife


Turkish word for Wife

kadın eş.