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How To Spell willamette?

Correct spelling: willamette

List of misspellings for willamette:

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Boones Ferry


Boones Ferry was a cable ferry which crossed the Willamette River near present-day Wilsonville, Oregon, United States, from 1847 to 1954.

Eugene Science Center


Museum in Eugene, Oregon

The Eugene Science Center, located in Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon, United States, is a science and technology center for children, families, and school groups.

Portland and Willamette Valley Railway



The Portland and Willamette Valley Railway was incorporated on 19 January 1885 to continue construction of a 3 ft narrow-gauge railroad line between Portland and Dundee, Oregon, United States, which had been started a few years earlier by the Oregonian Railway.

Willamette River Festival


The Willamette River Festival is an annual festival held in Albany, Oregon, United States that features a BBQ cook off, pie eating & rib eating contests, pirates, live entertainment, jet ski demonstrations, and pirate-themed carnival games along the Willamette River.

Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad Depot


Railway station

The Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad Depot is a former railway station located in Corvallis, Oregon, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Examples of usage for willamette:

  1. In due time we arrived in the Willamette Valley. – Memoirs of Orange Jacobs by Orange Jacobs
  2. The waters of the one, flow eastward and find the Columbia by a tortuous course east of the mountains; the waters of the other, flow westward and empty in the Columbia above the mouth of the Willamette – Memoirs of Orange Jacobs by Orange Jacobs

Rhymes for willamette:

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