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How to spell ABIURETE correctly?

If you typed "abiurete" but meant something else, here are some possible correct suggestions to consider: "arbiter", "attribute", "auburn", "accentuate" or "abjure". Remember to proofread your work to catch any accidental misspellings and ensure clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell abiurete correctly

  • abductee The police are still conducting an investigation to find the whereabouts of the alleged abductee.
  • Abilene We are planning a trip to Abilene, Texas next summer.
  • abjure I decided to abjure my old habits of procrastination and started working on my assignments immediately.
  • abjured After years of supporting the corrupt government, he abjured his loyalty and joined the rebellion.
  • abjurer The suspect was an abjurer, renouncing his involvement in the crime despite overwhelming evidence against him.
  • abjurers The accused abjurers vehemently denied practicing any form of witchcraft during their trial.
  • abjures The politician abjures violence and calls for peaceful resolutions to conflicts.
  • accrete Over time, layers of sediment accrete to form new rock formations.
  • accurate The accurate weather forecast predicted heavy rain for today.
  • aigrette The elegant ballroom dancer adorned her hair with a beautiful white aigrette.
  • arbitrate The lawyer was hired to arbitrate the dispute between the two parties involved in the contract.
  • aureate She was awarded the prestigious aureate medal for her exceptional contributions to the field of literature.
  • burette The scientist carefully measured the exact volume of liquid using a burette.
  • obdurate Despite numerous appeals and convincing arguments, she remained obdurate in her stance and refused to change her opinion.

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