Correct spelling for ACCELERATD

We think the word acceleratd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for acceleratd

  • accelerate I shall comply with your Excellency's desire in order to accelerate the communication of flags of truce, that they in future be addressed to his Excellency the Governor-general of the province of Andalusia.
  • accelerated It may be accelerated by putting the hands in hot water before playing, but this should not be done too often, because it is apt to weaken the nerves of the hands.
  • accelerator On either side of the anterior space appears a small angular interval, L, formed between B, the accelerator urinae, D, the erector penis, and E, the transverse muscle.
  • accelerates The observation should take place during the full arc of motion of the balance, for there are some instances in which no rubbing takes place until the motion accelerates.

304 words made from the letters acceleratd

3 letter words made from acceleratd:

crt, ale, eta, lcd, ect, ara, eat, car, lac, ala, lat, eec, led, rad, let, ler, tar, lea, ada, ter, dat, ace, tee, ear, ade, etc, act, eel, dal, dle, ert, cat, cad, tad, rat, dre, dec, are, art, arc, aar, lad, ate, alt, ret, eld, tlc, tec, lee, ltd, aec, ecc, ted, cer, era, red, tea.

5 letter words made from acceleratd:

clade, creal, acral, catla, cadra, adret, teaed, eader, detar, reate, reada, elder, letea, cerae, crece, cadre, eclat, darat, trela, aceae, eater, arede, aclac, ceder, acree, clert, ardee, ceral, erect, laedc, ercel, taler, teera, certa, celer, retal, later, creel, eletr, ertel, tarle, erdal, atler, ratae, ertle, ardea, ralte, creed, dalea, alert, terce, elara, raadt, carat, lecce, crate, calta, arale, ledra, leare, carte, eldar, dacca, adale, artal, reaal, crede, cater, dalet, treed, latae, dacre, draal, leard, trace, cadle, alter, decal, areca, cleat, cerat, drace, redec, cecal, teare, ladra, areel, lacer, trece, daele, arcae, detre, ratee, laeta, tacca, elate, lader, reata, artel, deter, alere, leear, artec, arete, altra, tarda, delta, cedre, deraa, accra, altar, craca, recce, clere, dacer, crete, acter, tadla, edler, darle, caere, adree, telae, eared, radle, arcee, ratal, cedar, reald, creta, datal, alred, arled, ratel, recta, tarea, areal, alate, arcel, tread, alcea, trade, alete, acela, talca, daler, clear, caled, letra, edale, aldar, cadet, lecca, crace, laced, elect, reale, react, edcel, alder, craal, actel, leder, caaed, dalat, arced, claar, caret, lacet.

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