Correct spelling for ACCELORATOR

We think the word accelorator is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelorator

  • accelerate The short rest seemed to have quite restored his wonted vigour, for he now stalked up the banks of the river at a rate which seemed only to accelerate as he advanced.
  • accelerated And as a matter of fact, it is from motion in the physical sense that nearly all his poems have arisen: Verhaeren has never composed poetry at his writing-table, but while wandering over the fields with a rhythmically moved body whose accelerated pace pulses to the very heart of the poem, or while rushing along through the din and bustle of streets in great cities.
  • accelerator Tom jammed the accelerator of the tiny jet car to the floor and shot ahead like a rocket.
  • accelerates The machine now points westward and homeward, and thus has the full benefit of the wind, which accelerates our ground speed to about a hundred and fifty miles an hour.
  • accelerators In FFAG accelerators the magnetic field in the bending magnets is constant during acceleration, causing the particle beam to move radially outwards as its momentum increases.

387 words made from the letters accelorator

3 letter words made from accelorator:

ecc, eta, loo, oto, oar, oca, ola, lao, ert, ler, ect, lea, ara, era, orr, tor, tlc, rat, ret, ceo, etc, cat, oct, coo, let, eat, ala, lac, act, car, ate, lat, cot, cro, ore, too, oat, err, lot, tea, ear, tar, ale, art, col, tec, roc, roe, crt, aec, cer, tao, toe, alt, are, ter, leo, arc, ace, aar, otc, rot.

4 letter words made from accelorator:

5 letter words made from accelorator:

coate, aorta, otero, retro, altar, reata, clert, latae, acter, laeta, realo, croel, letra, tooer, aloco, artel, talao, taroc, coact, cerat, coole, coler, carro, atora, lecca, alero, cloer, aroar, arrol, atole, ratal, accra, crate, atelo, arcot, elara, erato, coale, lerot, areca, artec, carco, tarea, crace, otala, calor, coatl, artal, leoro, corer, ealor, certa, clore, roate, aloor, alora, coote, loret, calot, treco, cater, recco, claar, carat, otara, acral, trace, arato, terro, cleat, corto, creal, arale, actel, croat, racer, alcea, color, cacao, aceto, atler, aotea, lecco, orlac, crear, rocca, telco, craal, corta, creta, lacer, eclat, cecal, oreal, trela, larco, loera, croce, toler, orale, lotor, roter, rocta, tocca, orate, carte, crato, ortac, oracl, rotor, acero, arcel, altra, cerra, corot, carol, aorae, artoo, lacet, atroa, eloor, colao, calta, toole, reaal, colac, caret, tocco, retal, latro, rotol, lorca, olara, oater, tocar, caroo, caeco, tarar, tacca, catla, cocea, octal, lorre, colca, octol, react, talca, coral, recta, crore, ratae, crool, alter, coola, terol, cleto, clear, craca, terao, alert, lacto, ceroc, alate, corca, coeca, traer, orear, recto, areal, later, aorto, certo, altro, ecolo, cocoa, actor, talco, rotec, aroor, ratoo, laroe, caroe, taler, toroc, croal, arcae, ratel, octel, ralte, tarle, claro, ceral, aclac, coore, cooer, corra, otrar, oltre, acela, lacor, roleo, corre, reato, artra, ratra, latoc, corte, acoel, tarlo, toral.

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