What is the correct spelling for ACCERERATION?

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Correct spelling for ACCERERATION

We think the word accereration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accereration

  • acceleration He found that the acceleration of a body by a force is inversely proportional to its mass, and formulated the equation that force equals mass time acceleration.
  • exaggeration We told her a little of the truth, and a little, I'm afraid, which was an exaggeration.
  • excoriation This excoriation must be done first crossways, and then lengthways, so as thoroughly to scratch up the whole surface of the nail, leaving it rough and white.
  • excretion It is nowadays explained as the effect of the excretion of carbonic acid gas and of the generated anthropotoxin; another explanation makes it a nervous phenomenon in which the mere recognition that release is impossible causes fainting, the loss of consciousness.
  • execration We find none of the rollicking vituperation and execration in which Plautus revels.
  • exoneration Whereas Mr. Thomas Lining, Mr. Alexander Schields and Mr. William Boyd, have presented to this Assembly two Papers: One containing the Expressions of their Purpose and Promise, of being subject to the Authority of this Church, as formerly Constituted, and now Restored, in its several Judicatories: The other Offered for the Exoneration of their Consciences.
  • expiration He held his archiepiscopal dignity only one year, at the expiration of which he was banished from England: he then retired to Jumieges, where he died the following spring, and was buried in the choir of the church which he had begun to raise.

508 words made from the letters accereration

3 letter words made from accereration:

ent, ane, eon, ern, ant, err, ira, ara, nit, eta, ore, are, cia, car, rat, roe, arc, icc, ron, ice, ate, tie, act, ear, crt, ion, rot, oct, tan, tic, tai, toe, ain, roc, eec, ect, tea, ceo, tor, ret, rna, etc, orr, nrc, neo, cot, ter, ten, tri, aec, can, cer, ire, oca, ton, ace, rio, era, otc, tao, rit, one, tin, oat, art, tar, ecc, cat, ana, ert, ene, aar, tee, oar, nee, con, eat, cio, tia, net, iaa, cro, not, air, ani, nec, tec.

5 letter words made from accereration:

cania, arati, anoia, aiona, antai, carni, areni, cient, eneco, coner, arain, artin, inert, iatro, areca, canai, cotai, ainee, incae, antic, cotan, atire, aerie, ciena, corca, accra, eteri, actia, iacon, aitor, citee, anier, crico, creta, ceric, arcti, artra, enter, arine, atone, aereo, ancic, ceron, cerne, coeca, coact, arcot, crean, cacao, aotea, ceceo, corta, circo, atina, ianto, circe, canto, icoca, arano, canta, canio, caeco, cnaic, cerat, craic, canoe, atora, cance, acone, caner, erato, croat, artec, cirro, coire, arcee, canet, cecin, enero, cinta, accio, corte, anter, aneto, arent, enate, entia, ceren, aecia, crone, accnt, certa, atene, caito, croci, aaron, cione, cenco, cinar, ictrn, erica, cinoa, coric, iater, citro, arone, erion, aorae, eroei, caton, ertan, acter, creen, canot, erect, carro, conta, centi, atric, carno, ceroc, crati, coati, arena, cairo, coari, arato, crear, coate, carat, ecton, crena, etian, certo, erian, eatin, carte, erent, citra, actin, caere, arcae, earnt, entre, cicer, cinae, corra, crato, aceto, caion, crier, erria, canor, aroar, etica, croce, aceae, anari, airan, caire, aenea, ierne, cante, acorn, conti, actio, atrai, acene, crore, arnor, corne, citor, acero, eaten, actor, aiton, criar, acier, cenac, cinto, erice, atoni, croan, arico, cerio, acree, ation, atrio, aeria, ercan, ciano, crete, artio, ariot, corna, crate, eater, arani, enact, ciona, creon, eiron, aorta, conca, arete, carco, cerna, creer, cocea, crane, craca, caria, cater, cerra, cerae, icaco, cente, conic, craon, creno, corer, canoa, arere, ctene, caret, cnote, cinct, ciroc, corni, cirta, cairn, ancre, crece, caroe, cenci, einat, atroa, crace, crine, coria, inara, corre, areia, arner, aarti.

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