Correct spelling for AGAENT

We think the word agaent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for agaent

  • Aunt(Definition of aunt)
  • Aunt, i am not jealous of you.

  • Aged(Definition of aged)
  • The aged haberland in his felt slippers knew them all apart.

  • Augean(Definition of augean)
  • The department of woods and forests is an augean stable, which requires a thorough cleansing.

  • Accent(Definition of accent)
  • "yes, once, twice, he call, but he do no good," she said with her french accent.

  • Agenda(Definition of agenda)
  • Regular men even had feelings and thoughts in some proportional quantity even if it were a degraded quality that was at the dictates of their myopic needs and agenda at the time.

  • Argument(Definition of argument)
  • This being an unanswerable argument, mrs brook smiled by way of reply, and turned a sleeve inside out, the better to get at its dilapidations.

  • Gannet(Definition of gannet)
  • She gave no cry, but fell as a gannet falls.

  • Agnew
  • And she leads agnew greatorix about like a lamb, or rather like a sheep.

  • Aegean
  • An island in the aegean, where castor and pollux were worshipped.

  • Genet(Definition of genet)
  • "on the intimation of the wish of the french republic that a new minister should be sent from the united states, i resolved to manifest my sense of the readiness with which my request was fulfilled, [that of recalling genet,] by immediately fulfilling the request of your government, [that of recalling morris].

  • Avaunt(Definition of Avaunt)
  • Coke and littleton, avaunt!

  • Ascent(Definition of ascent)
  • The ascent was exceedingly difficult, and so strewed with stones, that we were only able to ascend one of the eminences; there we halted, and found it would be impossible to go higher, as beyond where we were was a precipice."

  • Again(Definition of again)
  • They will not come again."

  • Ant(Definition of ant)
  • I even went so far as to pour boiling water on the four ant hills in my yard.

  • Gent(Definition of gent)
  • "you're some pocket miner, and you speak up like a gent when you're spoken to.

  • Sargent
  • Soon after his acquittal sargent departed for california, where he married miss scovill-the outcome of an early romance.

  • Ain't
  • These women, they ain't like englishwomen, mister."

  • Reagent(Definition of reagent)
  • To use the test, mix 1 fluid drachm of the reagent with 20 minims of urine, previously diluted to a standard specific gravity of 1.003.

  • Agent(Definition of agent)
  • 14,509. you were for a number of years engaged as an agent in lerwick for whaling vessels?

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • His whole book, the grammar of assent, 1870, is pervaded by the intensest philosophical scepticism.

  • Agnes
  • Agnes is come," cried hugh.

  • Agni
  • 2. may that agni, who is to be celebrated by both ancient and modern sages, conduct the gods hither.

  • Agate
  • And he not back yet, whatever mischief's agate wi' him, though he kens yo like your meat at one.

  • Agents
  • Now in turn the empress dowager was in flight and, presumably, the japanese, working in concert with agents of the captive emperor and prince ching, were looking toward the future.

  • Ogden
  • "miss de voe, ogden, rivington-all of us, have tried to get peter, first and last, to talk politics, but not a fact do we get.

  • Gaunt(Definition of gaunt)
  • It did not occur to him that day and night labour, even for a little time, had a terribly wearing effect on the physique; that he was losing weight with every twenty-four hours of it and that his cheeks grew paler and a little more gaunt every day of that week or so of extra push.

  • Garnet(Definition of garnet)
  • Miss garnet said-in play, i know-that the key of this lock isn't far off, or words to that effect.

  • Anent(Definition of Anent)
  • The young seem to be able to smell salt water, and will cover miles to gain it. an interesting fact anent another of our british ducks centres about the golden-eye, an exquisite study in black and white, the back of the neck and head being burnished with violet and green.

  • Pageant(Definition of pageant)
  • Indeed, it does not arrive before the pageant has passed, and the reviewing carriages are turning and following on in its wake.

  • Augment(Definition of augment)
  • Accordingly, i sought out some hiding-place, where i laid up a few louis, resolving to augment this stock from time to time, till a convenient opportunity to lay it at her feet; but i was so incautious in the choice of my repositories, that she always discovered them, and, to convince me that she did so, changed the louis i had concealed for a larger sum in different pieces of coin.

  • Kent
  • One very sick with pneumonia wished me to write to his folks in kent county, michigan, that he was in the hospital from a little cold, but would soon be able to join his regiment again.

  • Ardent(Definition of ardent)
  • Interested and ardent for success, since the sum has been agreed upon, itchoua whispers in ramuntcho's ear imperious advices.

  • Janet
  • Put lady janet out into the kitchen, alice.

  • Cant(Definition of cant)
  • While there was present the utmost freedom of opinion and expression, and while there was the greatest effort to avoid cant and conventional phraseology, yet there was in the community a very strong religious feeling; and nearly all the members held serious and earnest convictions, to which they were unusually faithful in their daily living.

  • Can't(Definition of Can't)
  • No, i can't go home without them.

  • Magenta(Definition of magenta)
  • You know,-i'm so happy-so gorgeously, dizzily happy-i can hear that magenta-colored paper joy-bell ring a silvery chime!

  • Aren't
  • Ha'n't i told you i aren't going to shoot it?

  • Kant
  • As the chaplain carried his walking-stick, or rather walking-tree of a cushion, with the greatest indifference towards me, i wished to prejudice him for me by a panegyric at the expense of kant.

  • Against(Definition of Against)
  • To him the elders went; he was to be their leader in fighting against the sons of ammon.

  • Argent(Definition of argent)
  • The coat of arms as granted was blazoned: shield: barry wavy of eight azure and argent upon a chief crenellée or a plume of three ostrich feathers surmounted by a riband of the first on the riband the words ich dien in letters of the third crest: on a wreath of the colours upon a mount a pinang or areca-nut palm leaved and fructed proper.

  • Giant(Definition of giant)
  • And while little jezreel was dreaming that a great giant came to his home, picked up the house and shook it, carried it away to a beautiful valley and brought back his mother, hosea sat at the window and watched and watched, until the morning's duties called him.

  • Ghent(Definition of ghent)
  • For in the last week of the siege of antwerp, when the wounded were being brought into ghent by hundreds, and when the fighting came closer and closer to the city, and at the end, when the germans were driving you from ghent to bruges, and from bruges to ostend and from ostend to dunkirk, you could not sit down to write your impressions, even if you were cold-blooded enough to want to.

  • Magnet(Definition of magnet)
  • Further, he can be charged with magnetism by placing near him a large magnet with five ends.

  • Urgent(Definition of urgent)
  • The duke, as you doubtless divine, is anxious for your return, and her highness, for that very reason, is urgent that you should prolong your absence.

60 words made from the letters agaent

3 letter words made from agaent:

aga, age, ant, tea, gen, ana, tag, ent, net, eta, gat, tan, get, ten, teg, eat, ate, nag, ane.

5 letter words made from agaent:

agent, agate, angat, agena, taeng, etang, agnea, ganta, gante, tenga, taean, geant, ngata, tange, gaeta, tanga, tagen, taang.

6 letter words made from agaent:

tenaga, agneta, agnate.

4 letter words made from agaent:

tean, gaea, geta, ngae, nget, eang, gaan, gean, gnat, naga, anga, gate, ante, egna, tang, etna, neat, gaen, gent, nega.