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How to spell AQUIVERE correctly?

If you have misspelled the word "aquivere", here are some correct suggestions to consider: "acquire", meaning to obtain or gain possession of something; "aqueous", referring to something watery or relating to water; "equiver", an alternative spelling for the word "quiver", meaning to shake or tremble.

List of suggestions on how to spell aquivere correctly

  • Aquicore Aquicore's platform makes it easy for building owners and operators to track and optimize their energy usage.
  • aquifer The Ogallala aquifer is one of the largest underground water resources in the world.
  • aquifers Aquifers are underground layers of porous rock that contain water.
  • quiver The sudden loud noise made her quiver in fear.
  • quivered The little girl's chin quivered as she tried to hold back her tears.
  • quivers As she waited for the starting gun to sound, her heart quivers with anticipation.
  • quivery She felt a quivery sensation in her stomach as she approached the stage to give her presentation.

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