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How to spell AREST correctly?

One possible suggestion for the misspelling "arest" could be "arrest", which is the correct spelling for the action of taking someone into custody by law enforcement. Another suggestion could be "a rest", which is the correct spelling for a period of relaxation or rejuvenation.

List of suggestions on how to spell arest correctly

  • abreast During the walk, I made sure to stay abreast of my friend so we could chat easily.
  • Areas The national park has several designated areas for camping and picnicking.
  • aren't Aren't you going to finish your homework tonight?
  • ares
  • aries Aries is the first zodiac sign of the astrological calendar.
  • armrest Max was so happy to get his new armrest for his car.
  • arrest The police had to arrest the suspect for committing the crime.
  • arrests In 2009, the number of arrests in the city rose by 25%.
  • artiest
  • ASST I am an ASST to the CEO, helping with administrative tasks and managing schedules.
  • barest The leafless trees in winter show only the barest signs of life.
  • brest
  • crest The crest on the horse's head made it look like a real unicorn.
  • dearest My dearest friend is visiting from out of town and I'm so excited to see her!
  • earnest She spoke in an earnest tone, as if she truly believed what she was saying.
  • erst
  • est The largest city in the state is called est.
  • fairest Beauty pageants are fairest competitions.
  • nearest The nearest convenience store is two miles away.
  • ORES The copper mine yielded several tons of high-grade ores.
  • rarest The diamond found in the mine was one of the rarest in the world.
  • reset I want to reset my computer to its factory settings.
  • resit I must resit my math exam because I failed the first time.
  • rest It was finally time for a little rest.
  • rust The old bike has a lot of rust on it.
  • unrest The unrest continued for days after the protest.
  • wariest The wariest animal I have ever seen is a Wolverine.
  • wrest

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