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How to spell BAGES correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "bages", don't worry! The correct spelling would be "badges". It's a common error due to the phonetic similarity. Ensure you double-check your spelling before using the word to avoid any confusion. Remember, badges can symbolize achievements, identification or group affiliations!

List of suggestions on how to spell bages correctly

  • ages I haven't spoken to John in ages.
  • BABES I went out with the babes last night and had such a great time.
  • Backs The basketball team's backs were against the wall as they entered the fourth quarter down by ten points.
  • badges I need to order new badges for the team before our upcoming event.
  • bagel I went to the bakery and got a bagel.
  • bagels I love buying bagels at the bakery.
  • baggies I packed my snacks in small baggies for the road trip.
  • bags I packed my bags and hit the road.
  • bakers The bakers were hard at work creating dozens of delicious pastries and breads for the morning rush.
  • bakes She bakes delicious cookies every weekend.
  • bales The farmer put the freshly harvested hay into large bales.
  • banes The banes of procrastination and laziness have been hindering his academic performance.
  • bares
  • barges The barges on the river carried tons of cargo to different ports.
  • barks The dog barks when someone is at the door.
  • Bases The chemist added a few drops of acid to the bases in the beaker.
  • BATES Bates is a company that makes shoes and clothing.
  • Bayes Bayes' theorem is used to update probabilities based on new information.
  • begs He begs for mercy as he faces the consequences of his actions.
  • bikes
  • Bogeys The bogeys kept coming back.
  • Bogies On rainy days, the kids loved to jump in the puddles and splash the water to create bogies.
  • bogs
  • bogus I have a bogus diploma.
  • borges " Borges is widely regarded as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century.
  • budges
  • bugs The bugs in his code were causing errors in the program.
  • cages I saw a group of lions in their cages.
  • PAGES I read through 500 pages of my favorite book in one night.
  • Rages The storm outside rages on with torrential rain and strong winds.
  • sages
  • wages My employer decided to increase my wages after I completed my advanced degree.

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