Correct spelling for BAPTISE

We think the word baptise is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for baptise

  • baptism They were to be an outward, visible association with the symbols of baptism and the supper.
  • baptist Stennett in 1757 succeeded his father as pastor of a Baptist church in London, where he gained fame as a preacher.
  • baptize Midwives were licensed by the church and could baptize babies.
  • Baptized He called them to a change of mind-a turning away from sin, and, as a sign that they had done so, he baptized them in the river Jordan.
  • Baptizer "They must have waded the Jordan at the ford where we first heard John the Baptizer," commented Andrew to John.
  • Baptiste 20,000 from Baptiste with other valuable presents.
  • baptizes When the priest baptizes in the church, he uses consecrated water-that is, water blessed for that purpose on Holy Saturday, and mixed with holy oil. When he or any other, in case of necessity, baptizes in a private house, he may use plain, clean water, and he baptizes without the other ceremonies used in the church.

188 words made from the letters baptise

5 letter words made from baptise:

ieast, patis, steai, besat, ipbes, paite, baits, biase, epist, apest, abets, seita, spait, sabet, taiep, septi, piste, taibe, sepat, sabei, tapie, stieb, spite, bites, esbat, pebas, pates, sabie, batis, steib, pesta, besta, betis, saite, stape, batie, pieta, sepia, aesti, biest, paesi, piest, piast, basie, spate, taieb, bapst, baste, tabes, satie, beats, batei, paste, beast, setia, tabis, sitae, tapei, sibat, tepas, ispat, basti, baise, bestp, staib, sapei, tapis, bitas, speat, petai, sabti, abies, pesti, piets, basit, setai, pitas, tibes, estai, bista, stipe, besti, aspie, pties, absit.

3 letter words made from baptise:

bpi, bai, bit, tie, sea, sit, bse, ape, sap, sip, ies, sib, pat, pst, epi, pei, bet, pes, tab, tai, tip, pbs, psi, ate, pet, bps, tap, stp, spa, epa, sat, set, sbe, apt, eat, sep, eta, atp, pea, asp, pia, pie, psa, bap, tea, est, tia, pas, bat, pit.

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