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How to spell BAREL correctly?

If you happen to misspell "barel", don't fret! A correct suggestion could be "barrel", as this is the standard spelling for a large cylindrical container. Alternatively, "burl" is another plausible option, referring to the knot or lump found in wood. Remember to proofread before finalizing your work!

List of suggestions on how to spell barel correctly

  • areal The areal extent of the wildfire has increased significantly.
  • Ariel After the storm had subsided, Ariel returned to the surface to find her boat wedged between two rocks.
  • baal Baal was a god worshiped by some ancient cultures in the Middle East.
  • babel The Tower of Babel is a well-known story in the Bible about humanity's attempt to build a tower to reach heaven.
  • bagel I picked up a bagel and coffee on my way to work this morning.
  • bail The suspect was released on bail pending the trial.
  • bale I borrowed a Bale of Feeds from the Farmer.
  • ball I'm going to fetch a ball from the court.
  • barbel The barbel on the fish was so big that it could barely fit in the net.
  • barbell I need to get a barbell for my home gym.
  • bare I am feeling quite bare without my usual makeup.
  • bared She peeled off her shirt and bared her midsection to the sun.
  • barely He barely made it out alive after being shot.
  • barer
  • bares She bares her soul every time she writes a poem.
  • barley My aunt always keeps a jar of barley on the kitchen counter.
  • Barr
  • barre I have a sore leg because I did too many plies at the ballet barre.
  • barrel Inside the barrel of the gun, a spiral groove was machined to accomodate the fired cartridge's o-ring
  • barrels The wine cellar was filled with hundreds of barrels of red and white wine.
  • basel Basel is a city in northwest Switzerland.
  • bawl He began to bawl when he found out that his best friend was moving away.
  • bearer The bearer of bad news always gets the worst reaction.
  • beryl I found a beautiful ring at the jewelry store, it's beryl.
  • blare
  • bore I would like to bore you with my tales of woe, but you seem very distracted.
  • brew
  • burl In the burl there is a grain of sand that someone unknowingly kicked while walking on the sand.
  • Byre The cows were sheltered in the byre during the storm.
  • REL

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