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How to spell BEIGNO correctly?

If you typed "beigno" but meant "beignets", you're in for a tasty treat! Beignets are delicious French doughnuts, often served with a generous dusting of powdered sugar. Made from yeast dough, these light and fluffy pastries are a delightful addition to any brunch or dessert table. Enjoy!

List of suggestions on how to spell beigno correctly

  • Bacon I love the smell of bacon sizzling in the frying pan.
  • Bag She packed her school books into her backpack and headed out the door.
  • Bagel I had a delicious cream cheese and lox bagel for breakfast this morning.
  • Baggy I wore a baggy sweatshirt to stay comfortable on the flight.
  • Bags I bought three bags of groceries from the supermarket.
  • Baguio I am planning a weekend getaway to Baguio, a charming city in the mountains of the Philippines.
  • Bain Jack took a sip from his coffee cup, his mind wandering back to the serene days spent by the tranquil Bain river.
  • Ban The government decided to ban the use of plastic bags in an effort to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Banco The banco is offering low-interest loans to help stimulate economic growth.
  • Band The band played an incredible encore that had the entire audience on their feet.
  • Bane The oppressive heat was the bane of our existence on that scorching summer day.
  • Bang I could hear the loud bang as the door slammed shut.
  • Bangor I am planning a trip to Bangor, Maine to enjoy its beautiful scenic views.
  • Bangs She looks great with bangs; they really frame her face nicely.
  • Bani Bani is a traditional Punjabi dish made with rice and lentils.
  • Banjo He played the banjo with great skill and enthusiasm at the folk music festival.
  • Bank She decided to transfer her savings to a different bank for better interest rates.
  • Bannon After leaving the White House, Bannon returned to his role as executive chairman of Breitbart News.
  • Banns The church bells rang on Sunday, announcing the banns of marriage between Sarah and John.
  • Bans The city council passes bans on smoking in public parks to promote a healthier environment.
  • Barn The farmer's barn was filled with hay and animals.
  • Barns The countryside is filled with picturesque red barns.
  • Baron The wealthy baron owned several mansions and estates in the countryside.
  • Basho Basho's haiku poetry is still celebrated for its simplicity and powerful imagery.
  • Basso The opera singer amazed the audience with his deep and resonant basso voice.
  • Baton The conductor skillfully wielded the baton, guiding the symphony through a stunning crescendo.
  • Begin Let's begin the meeting by discussing the agenda items.
  • Begins The marathon begins at 8 AM.
  • Beige The walls of her living room are painted a soft beige color.
  • Being Being an expert in the field, she was often consulted for her opinion.
  • Beings As humans, we are connected to all living beings on this planet.
  • Benign The doctor informed me that the tumor was benign, much to my relief.
  • Bingo I shouted " Bingo!" when I correctly matched all the numbers on my bingo card.
  • Dago Dago is a derogatory term often used to refer to individuals of Italian descent.
  • Dagon Dagon is an ancient Mesopotamian deity associated with water, fertility, and agriculture.
  • Deign I highly doubt she would deign to attend such a mundane event.
  • Deigns The famous actor rarely deigns to attend award shows, preferring to keep a low profile.
  • Feign She tried to feign surprise when she saw her surprise party decorations.
  • Feigns He feigns excitement, but deep down, he is uninterested.
  • Gagné
  • Gagnon Isabelle Gagnon is a talented artist who specializes in abstract paintings.
  • Iago Iago is known for his manipulative nature and cunning tactics in Shakespeare's play "Othello".
  • Kano Kano is a city in Nigeria known for its historical significance and vibrant culture.
  • Magnon The discovery of a well-preserved magnon tooth provided valuable insights into the lives of early humans.
  • Magoo Mr. Magoo, the nearsighted fictional character, navigated his way through countless comedic misadventures.
  • Mango I bought a ripe mango from the market for a refreshing summer snack.
  • Pago I need to use my credit card to make a pago on my monthly bills.
  • Reign Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has been marked by stability and resilience.
  • Reigns The king's reigns over the kingdom were marked by prosperity and stability.
  • Sago I made a delicious coconut milk dessert with sago pearls.
  • Saigon I visited Saigon last year and was captivated by its vibrant culture and bustling streets.
  • Tango They glided across the dance floor, effortlessly performing the intricate steps of the passionate tango.
  • Wagon She loaded the groceries into the wagon and began pulling it towards her car.

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