How to Pronounce Kano?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Kano" is [kˈɑːnə͡ʊ], [kˈɑːnə‍ʊ], [k_ˈɑː_n_əʊ].

"Kano" in context

Kano is a unique educational technology product created with the mission of making coding interesting and accessible to everyone. It is a complete all-in-one computer that comes with everything needed to create and code projects. It is a fun way to learn to code since it virtually eliminates complex setup and means it can be used right out of the box. Kano combines the best of software and hardware to build a computer and bring coding to life. With a Kano, kids of all ages can create projects, explore coding challenges and invent something wonderful. Plus, it is built from the same software and hardware components that are used to create products in the modern world.

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