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How to spell KINDO correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "kindo" include: "kind", "kendo", "kindle", "kinfolk" or "kindred". Context and intended meaning may help determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell kindo correctly

  • bind We need to bind the pages of the book together.
  • condo She is looking for an apartment to live in, but she is not sure if she should get a condo or an apartment.
  • find I hope to find a way to solve this problem soon.
  • Gino Gino is a talented chef who recently opened his own restaurant.
  • hind I have a hind leg which is longer than your front.
  • Ind
  • INDY
  • Into I am jumping into the pool.
  • Kano
  • keno
  • kid She was dressed like a kid, complete with pigtails.
  • kidd
  • kiddo
  • kin My kin have lived in this town for generations.
  • kind I'm sorry, but your behavior is not kind.
  • kinda I'm kinda busy right now.
  • kinder She felt kinder towards him after he apologized for his mistake.
  • kindle
  • kindly
  • kinds I have a lot of Kinds of friends.
  • kine Kine is an old-fashioned term meaning cattle, and is rarely used in modern English.
  • king He is the King of Clubs.
  • kingdom She had a dream in which she was transported to a utopian kingdom.
  • kink People who enjoy kink typically enjoy activities such as bondage, dominance and submission, and spanking.
  • lind I wonder what Lind might be up to.
  • mind
  • rind The rind of this cheese is a golden yellow.
  • undo I accidentally deleted my file, but luckily there was an undo button.
  • wind
  • window

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