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How to spell BIKIN correctly?

If you've been struggling with the common misspelling "bikin", fear not! The proper spelling for the popular swimsuit is "bikini". Remember to include the letter "i" after the "k" to avoid any confusion. That way, your writing will be flawless, and you'll never hesitate when using this term again.

List of suggestions on how to spell bikin correctly

  • akin
  • baking I love baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom.
  • begin
  • Biding He sat patiently, biding his time until the perfect opportunity to strike.
  • bike I like to ride my bike on the trails near my house.
  • biker The biker stopped his motorcycle and removed his helmet.
  • biking I enjoy biking through the countryside on sunny weekends.
  • bikini
  • bikinis I need to buy new bikinis for my beach vacation.
  • BIKO I always buy my groceries at BIKO because they have competitive prices and they always have the items I need.
  • Bilking He had been bilking his customers for years.
  • bin I need to throw away my old bin.
  • biotin Biotin is an important vitamin that is necessary for the growth and development of hair, skin, and nails.
  • biting The dog's biting behavior makes me nervous.
  • bodkin The doctor used a bodkin to stab the patient.
  • buskin I was wearing my buskin boots.
  • Diking The property owner was responsible for diking the swampland to prevent flooding.
  • Hiking I enjoy hiking in the woods during the fall season.
  • kin
  • liking She was liking the way his muscles felt under her fingers.
  • skin I have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate most perfumed products.
  • viking The viking funeral procession was a sad sight.

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