How to Pronounce BIKO?

Correct pronunciation for the word "BIKO" is [bˈiːkə͡ʊ], [bˈiːkə‍ʊ], [b_ˈiː_k_əʊ].

"BIKO" in context

BIKO was an anti-Apartheid and Black Consciousness Movement leader in South Africa in the 1970s. He was instrumental in advocating for the rights of Black South Africans, and his non-violent activism elevated him to a leader in the South African civil rights movement. Biko was famously arrested in August of 1977 during a police raid and was detained and interrogated in Port Elizabeth. He tragically died in September 1977 while in the custody of the nearest security police station.

The legacy of Steve Biko still stands strong in South Africa today. He is remembered for his fight for civil rights and his work to empower and educate black South Africans.

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