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How to spell BOERD correctly?

If you are trying to type "boerd" but it keeps getting misspelled, there are a few possible correct suggestions. You could mean "board", "bored" or "beard". Make sure to review your sentence and context to choose the most suitable correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell boerd correctly

  • aboard I'm happy to welcome you aboard our flight.
  • Baird The Baird family has been involved in agriculture for three hundred years.
  • bard The bard's songs of love and loss were sung in taverns and castles alike.
  • bead
  • beard He grew a full beard over the winter.
  • bed
  • beer He sat on the patio, sipping his ice-cold beer and enjoying the warm summer evening.
  • bend She had to bend down to pick up the pen that had fallen on the floor.
  • Bert I went to Bert's house to play video games.
  • bier The mourners gathered around the bier, silently paying their last respects to the departed soul.
  • bird
  • Bled I accidentally bled on my shirt while cooking.
  • boar The hunter aimed his rifle at the large boar that was charging towards him.
  • board I will put my skateboard in the car's board rack.
  • boards The principal put up a notice on the bulletin boards for the students to read.
  • bod
  • Boded The dark clouds boded ill for the outdoor event.
  • boer
  • Boers He was pursued by the Boers.
  • bold She was bold enough to stand up to her boss and speak her mind.
  • bond The strong bond between the two brothers kept them close throughout their lives.
  • boned I was feeling so boned after spending the whole day at the spa.
  • booed After being booed off the stage, the comedian vowed never to return.
  • boor The new neighbor was such a boor that he refused to say hello to anyone on the street.
  • bore
  • bored
  • borer I'm going to bore through this plastic with my borer.
  • bowed After placing her bouquet of flowers on the coffin, the woman bowed her head in tears.
  • bower She went inside the bower to put away her weapons.
  • Boyd Boyd is a common surname in the United States.
  • Boyer My little brother is such a Boyer.
  • Bred Her hair is as bright and red as Bred's new brooder.
  • byrd
  • doer Jimmy is a doer.

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