How to Pronounce booed?

Correct pronunciation for the word "booed" is [bˈuːd], [bˈuːd], [b_ˈuː_d].

"Booed" in context

Booed is the sound of disapproval, disdain and ultimately rejection. It is often shouted during public speaking events, at sports games, political rallies and other public situations where disapproving people will express their unhappiness. It is a sound that everyone knows and recognises.

Booed can have a powerful effect - it can be very intimidating for someone to be booed, even if it is a result of a controversial decision. And, historically, it has also been used as a tool of protest.

Booed can also be used to highlight and emphasise irony or incongruity in a situation or topic.

What are similar-sounding words for booed?


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