How to Pronounce bootee?

Correct pronunciation for the word "bootee" is [bˈuːtiː], [bˈuːtiː], [b_ˈuː_t_iː].

"Bootee" in context

A bootee is a type of soft, comfortable shoe that is ideal for infants, toddlers and young children. They tend to have a slip on style and be made of pliable rubber, fabric or leather. Bootees are often crafted with soft, thick material on the outside and a smooth, warm inner lining for a comfortable fit. Many bootees feature suede or textile soles to provide protection and grip for little feet as they learn to walk. Bootees often have tightening straps or laces that can be adjusted as kids grow, making them a cost effective and durable footwear choice for active toddlers.

What are similar-sounding words for bootee?


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