How to Pronounce both?

Correct pronunciation for the word "both" is [bˈə͡ʊθ], [bˈə‍ʊθ], [b_ˈəʊ_θ].

What are the misspellings for both?

"Both" in context

Both is a very powerful word, it can create a sense of togetherness and help us to remember that, although we have our differences, we are one. Both emphasises the idea of unity, and reminds us that even when we don't agree with someone, we should still value them, and treat them with respect. Both helps to create a sense of connection, and encourages dialogue between two parties. We all know about the power of two minds coming together, and this is something which both helps to promote.

We should not forget that both is also an important pronoun.

What are similar-sounding words for both?


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