Correct spelling for CERAIN

We think the word cerain is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for cerain

  • Sean
  • Crane
  • But there stood the heavy crane waiting, for he had flown all night!

  • Herein
  • Herein consists the earthly immortality of the soul.

  • Tearing
  • Sprain
  • Rainy
  • A sad rainy night, up and to the office, where busy all the morning.

  • Hearing
  • Which indeed is pleasant hearing.

  • Brain
  • I was born with a brain that was meant to be used."

  • Heroin
  • Illicit drugs: illicit producer of cannabis largely for domestic use; possible growing role as transshipment point for golden triangle heroin

  • Grain
  • Here, clover covered its surface; there, crops of grain; further on, beds of herbs and the sweetest flowers.

  • Karin
  • As karin could not induce him to alter his mind, she had to make the best of it and keep ingmar at home for the time being.

  • Czarina
  • Probably no human-made fabric could have come nearer to matching them, though she had once met a great traveller-at least he went far enough in his search for comparisons-who told her that the czarina of russia had owned a deep sapphire of precisely the colour, but the czarina's was the only sapphire yet discovered that had it.

  • Resin
  • How the devourer would relish the pitch and resin oozing from the juicy bark!

  • Searing
  • Cyprian
  • But i entreat you do not again compare yourself to the brainless cyprian dame.

  • Serbian
  • Creon
  • Creon what is this? thy words inspire a dread presentiment.

  • Ceasing
  • This act did not alter the laws relating to the discharge of persons ceasing to be insane, or dangerous idiots, from any county asylum, hospital, or licensed house.

  • Saran
  • Rein
  • Rein up altogether at the entrance to the path, dismount, and up to the plateau quickly.

  • Carina
  • Valves 7; each scutum being formed of two closely approximate segments; of which one is internally toothed: terga short, three or four times as wide as the carina: carina with the basal end produced into a small, narrow, imbedded disc.

  • Darin
  • Runaway", by darin zanyar from flashback (2008) "runaway", by deee-lite from infinity within (1991) "runaway", by dukes of windsor from minus (2008) "runaway", by eruption (1980) "runaway", by evoke (1995) "runaways", by sam feldt and deepend featuring teemu (2016) "runaway", by nelly furtado, b-side of the single "te busqué" (2007) "the runaway", by gentle giant from in a glass house (1973) "run away", by great white from shot in the dark (1986) "runaway", by hail the villain from population: declining (2010) "run away!

  • Soaring
  • Wearing
  • Marin
  • Marin burst into loud protestations of his innocence, declaring that he was as innocent as the lamb just born.

  • Bearing
  • I took heed of little on that journey save the bearing of mistress barbara.

  • Train
  • Brian
  • Well, he was an innocent man," continued brian; "a very little made him happy, and at night he would sing and amuse himself like a child.

  • Erin
  • For twenty-one years fin maccumhail and the fenians of erin hunted for sport alone.

  • Saurian
  • Rain
  • If archer answered his voice was drowned by the wind and rain.

  • Zairian
  • Gearing
  • To get an increase of gearing, matters must be so arranged that the drive is transmitted from the chain-wheel to b, and from a to the hub. while b describes a circle, a and the driving-wheel turn through a circle and a part of a circle-that is, the driving-wheel revolves faster than the hub. given the same number of teeth as before, the proportional rates will be a = 80, b = 64, so that the gear rises 25 per cent.

  • Zeroing
  • Drain
  • Drain them in a cullender, and put them into a dish, with a slice of fresh butter in it.

  • Fearing
  • One day, as he was in bed, an envelope was brought him, with a large "l." he opened it slowly, fearing the worst.

  • Cyrano
  • But randolph saw himself a henry of navarre-white plumes; a richard of the lion heart-crusades and red crosses; a cyrano without the nose-"these be cadets of gascony-" "you see, macdonald," he said, flaming, "we randolphs have always done it."

  • Strain
  • Certain
  • I am certain that she'll come.

  • Caring
  • It was not her first trial, and i consequently need not have given her the twenty-five louis, but i was well satisfied, and not caring much for maidenheads rewarded her as if i had been the first to bite at the cherry.

  • Ran
  • Look how he ran after and waited on her!

  • Ruin
  • You won't ruin my name-you won't ruin my name.

  • Syrian
  • Serrano
  • Nearing
  • The forest became lighter, glimpses of sky showed low down through the trees, we were nearing a slope.

  • Rearing
  • In this fight, faustulus was slain, and also pleistinus, who is said to have been faustulus's brother and to have helped him in rearing romulus and his brother.

  • Terrain
  • Suzerain

74 words made from the letters cerain

3 letter words made from cerain:

are, aec, ace, ear, rna, ane, nrc, ern, cer, ice, ain, can, era, arc, ira, car, ire, air, cia, nec, ani.

4 letter words made from cerain:

5 letter words made from cerain:

ciena, crane, cairn, caire, nacre, erica, carni, rinca, crena, caner, arine, cerna, nacer, anier, racin, cinar, erian, areni, incae, cinae, crean, crine, irena, renai, ancre, recai, ercan, acier.