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How to spell CHIAR correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "chiar" are "chair", "chard", "chart", "charm" or "church". Depending on the context, additional suggestions could include "cheer", "choir" or "cheerio". It's important to carefully proofread and use context clues to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell chiar correctly

  • achier She lied to him about his car being in the shop, but he figured she was just being a achier.
  • car
  • chad I went to the store, but I couldn't find my wallet. I think I left it at Chad's house.
  • chair I need to get a chair for my new desk.
  • Chan Chan is a common surname among Chinese people.
  • chap An old chap walked into the cafe.
  • char I cannot believe you got a dead bird in your char.
  • chard Circumstances resulted in me having to sell my chard.
  • charm She had an undeniable charm that made everyone around her feel better.
  • Chars I think we should use Unicode instead of Chars to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • chart I drew a chart for my class.
  • chary He was chary of lending money to strangers.
  • chat
  • cheer
  • chi The chi in aerobics keeps you inspired.
  • Chiba Takayuki Chiba is a Japanese professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  • chic She went for a chic outfit at the mall.
  • Chimer
  • chin His chin was firm and chiseled, giving him a noble appearance.
  • china The China shop is a great place to buy Chinese souvenirs.
  • chip
  • chirp
  • CHIS
  • chit She chit chattered away with her new friend.
  • choir The choir performed an amazing performance.
  • cia The CIA is responsible for providing intelligence to the US government.
  • ciao " Ciao!" I said before I left.
  • CIR
  • shear The farmer used his electric clippers to shear each sheep's wool.
  • shier As a child, he was much shier and would hide behind his mother in social situations.

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