How to Pronounce ciao?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ciao" is [t͡ʃˈa͡ʊ], [t‍ʃˈa‍ʊ], [tʃ_ˈaʊ].

What are the misspellings for ciao?

"Ciao" in context

Ciao is an Italian word that is used as both a greeting and a farewell. It can be seen as an informal version of "hello" or "goodbye", and it has come to be known around the world. Its use as a greeting is thought to have originated in Tuscany, although it has used throughout Italy (and many other countries) for centuries.

Ciao's literal translation is "I am your friend" or "I am at your service" and it can be said with a smile in any context.

What are similar-sounding words for ciao?


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