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How to spell CHRONE correctly?

There are a few possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "chrone", depending on the intended word. If the intended word is "crone", possible suggestions could be "chrome", "crown" or "clone". If the intended word is "chrome", a possible suggestion could be "churn". Using a spellchecker or dictionary may also help identify the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell chrone correctly

  • charon The Charon demon guards the entrance to the Underworld.
  • chine The piece of meat was carved carefully along the chine to ensure easy serving.
  • chore Doing laundry is always such a tedious chore for me.
  • chrome I bought a chrome rocker chair.
  • chronic I have a chronic illness that I have to take medication for.
  • Corine Hey Corine, can you come help me fix this broken chair?
  • corona The corona virus has spread to different countries around the world causing a pandemic.
  • coroner
  • crane I saw a crane in the distance.
  • crone The crone sat on the porch with a gnarled hand outstretched.
  • crony The politician was accused of corruption and favoritism for giving government contracts to his crony businessmen.
  • drone I use a drone to photograph my crops.
  • krone
  • prone I am prone to sunburn, so I always wear sunscreen at the beach.
  • rhone The Rhone river runs through France and Switzerland.
  • Shone After taking a shower, I shone my shoes.
  • shrine The shrine held many magical relics.
  • throne The king sat proudly on his throne, surveying the courtiers in the grand hall.
  • Tyrone Tyrone is a town in Northern Ireland.

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