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How to spell CITTY correctly?

If you're struggling with the spelling of 'citty', there are a few possible alternatives you might want to consider. One option is to simply correct the spelling and use 'city', which is the correct term. Alternatively, you could also try 'kitty', which may be more appropriate if you're referring to a cat or kitten.

List of suggestions on how to spell citty correctly

  • ATTY I need to schedule a meeting with my atty to discuss the details of my divorce.
  • bitty I'm a little bit peeved that you brought my favorite toy in such a bitty package.
  • CATT
  • catty She acted like a catty teenage girl.
  • chatty chatty people are always looking for something to talk about.
  • Cindy My best friend's daughter is Cindy.
  • Cit
  • cite I will cite my sources in my research paper to show where I obtained my information.
  • Cited The professor cited several examples to support her argument.
  • cites He cites a quote from the book to support his argument.
  • city The city was busy with traffic.
  • ditty I can't get the silly song out of my head! It's a ditty!
  • kitty I love playing with my kitty every day after work.
  • misty The morning air was pleasantly misty.
  • mitt I need a mitt so that I can handle the ball.
  • Mitty I'm going to the library to get a new book, Mitty.
  • pitt After Jon's death, Pitt became active in the community and helped to raise money for charity.
  • pity I feel pity for the stray dog on the street.
  • scatty I'm going to take a break and go to the bathroom, because I'm feeling a bit scatty.
  • silty The river banks were covered in silty mud after the heavy rain.
  • Witt She is a math genius - a Witt.
  • witty The comedian's jokes were always witty and had the audience laughing uncontrollably.

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