Correct spelling for COUNCOIUS

We think the word councoius is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for councoius

  • caucus We held an informal caucus to decide who should should go first.
  • coccus It is practically a fact that wherever there is found a diffuse abscess there will be discovered the streptococcus pyogenes, which is the name of the chain coccus above mentioned.
  • cocos Annexed by the UK in 1857, the Cocos Islands were transferred to the Australian Government in 1955.
  • concise They perhaps did not search the conscience very powerfully; for you remember that to Mrs. Patten, who had listened to them thirty years, the announcement that she was a sinner appeared an uncivil heresy; but, on the other hand, they made no unreasonable demand on the Shepperton intellect-amounting, indeed, to little more than an expansion of the concise thesis, that those who do wrong will find it the worse for them, and those who do well will find it the better for them; the nature of wrong-doing being exposed in special sermons against lying, backbiting, anger, slothfulness, and the like; and well-doing being interpreted as honesty, truthfulness, charity, industry, and other common virtues, lying quite on the surface of life, and having very little to do with deep spiritual doctrine.
  • concourse This, Omai, who was present, told me, was done the day after the battle, with much pomp and ceremony, and in the midst of a great concourse of people, as a thanksgiving-offering to the Eatooa, for the victory they had obtained; while the vanquished had taken refuge in the mountains.
  • concur Your Imperial Majesty; permit me to concur with the proposal of Count Guilfred, and to extend it further with the proposal that the Ministry of Defense, now also vacant, be likewise abolished, and its functions and personnel added to the Ministry of Security under His Highness Prince Travann.
  • concuss
  • conscious
  • couscous
  • Conics
  • Cornucopias
  • Counties
  • Cornelius
  • concurs Concurs also the second cause; for, although these Zambales are not molested by our people, they assault and murder them, not only falling upon them in the highways, as already said, but also seeking them out in the settlements while they are laboring in the fields; so that neither in their fields nor their homes are our people safe-which also is shown in the reports.
  • concords What is richer than thoughts that stray From reading of poems that smoothly flow? What is solemn like the delay Of concords linked in a music slow Dying thro' vaulted aisles away? -If it should be what best I know!
  • cocoons Why not, when it is to her mother who also has known it, and she winds cocoons, too, when she is little?
  • cocoas Here, having discharged some Spanish ships, which they had taken, they set sail towards the isles of cape Verd, and, on January 28, came to anchor before Mayo, hoping to furnish themselves with fresh water; but having landed, they found the town by the waterside entirely deserted, and, marching further up the country, saw the valleys extremely fruitful, and abounding with ripe figs, cocoas, and plantains, but could by no means prevail upon the inhabitants to converse or traffick with them; however, they were suffered by them to range the country without molestation, but found no water, except at such a distance from the sea, that the labour of conveying it to the ships was greater than it was, at that time, necessary for them to undergo.
  • conjoins
  • corncobs
  • judgemental
  • harebrains
  • logicalizes

104 words made from the letters councoius

3 letter words made from councoius:

iso, cio, uni, oui, nsu, icu, son, sou, con, uns, nsc, icc, coo, ono, sun, cos, sin, sic, ion, cns, cis, iou.

5 letter words made from councoius:

nucis, cusco, cocus, uncos, unoci, sconc, uncus, onuci, cusic, incus, coion, cions, oinos, nisou, cocis, isoun, coons, couns, ciosu, cisco, scoon, cuius, scion, cosio, unius, souci, conic, couso, cuoco, nucci, sonic, cious, icons, suciu, cocos.

4 letter words made from councoius:

noio, cocu, osco, nsui, nous, suon, coco, coon, onus, cuon, sunu, coin, suin, suoi, onos, soon, unio, osun, unus, cons, cisc, sion, iuno, nicu, inus, unco, scun, suco, nuoc, usui, ciuc, oons, uuno, sonu, coos, icon.

6 letter words made from councoius:

succin, cusion, cnicus, nuccio, cousin, soccio, coicou, unicco, coosin, siocon.

7 letter words made from councoius:


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