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How to spell CRAKC correctly?

The misspelling "crakc" could be corrected to "crack" or "crick". "Crack" refers to a sharp sound or a break in something, while "crick" refers to a soreness in the neck. Context would help determine the appropriate fix.

List of suggestions on how to spell crakc correctly

  • crack She craved the crack of the whip.
  • cracks I found several cracks in the pavement near the parking lot.
  • crag I stood at the base of the crag and looked up at the steep rock face.
  • crags The crags towering above the valley were stunning.
  • Craig Craig has a great job at the newspaper.
  • crank She had to use a crank to start the old car.
  • cranky I always avoid talking to him when he's cranky as he can be quite irritable.
  • creak
  • creaks The old wooden door creaks every time it's opened.
  • creaky The old house's stairs were so creaky that it was impossible to sneak up to the second floor without being heard.
  • croak
  • croaks The frog croaks loudly in the pond behind my house every night.
  • croaky I have a croaky voice, so people often joke that I talk like a frog.

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