How to Pronounce crack?

Correct pronunciation for the word "crack" is [kɹˈak], [kɹˈak], [k_ɹ_ˈa_k].

"Crack" in context

Crack is a highly addictive, illicit form of cocaine. It is typically made from baking soda and cocaine hydrochloride, and has a powerful, short-lived euphoric effect. Crack has been associated with devastating health consequences, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, seizures, heart attack, strokes, and death. Due to its rapid absorption into the bloodstream and rapid high, crack is increasingly popular with people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

The immediate effects of crack are a powerful high and intense euphoria that can last five to 10 minutes. These effects are accompanied by intense cravings and an inability to stop using.

Usage over time for crack:

This graph shows how "crack" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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