How to spell CVITY correctly?

We think the word cvity is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell cvity correctly

  • cart I pushed the heavy cart through the supermarket aisles, searching for my groceries.
  • cat I love snuggling with my cat on the couch.
  • Cato " Cato was a Roman statesman who lived during the third and second centuries BC.
  • CATT
  • catty
  • CATV
  • caviar I tasted caviar for the first time last night and it was amazing.
  • cavil He rejected the proposal without any real reason, preferring to cavil about minor details instead.
  • cavity The dentist found a cavity during my check-up.
  • CCTV The CCTV camera captured footage of the suspect leaving the scene of the crime.
  • CDT I have a CDT on my foot.
  • city In the city, there are many different types of people.
  • civet The civet is a scent-marker found in many parts of the world.
  • coat I need to buy a new coat before the winter season starts.
  • codify The objective of a constitution is to codify the fundamental principles of a nation.
  • cody I spotted some big bucks in Cody last week.
  • coif A coif is a type of hairstyle popular in the Middle Ages.
  • comity I always try to adhere to comity in my workplace.
  • coot I saw a coot at the water's edge.
  • cot I need to cot down for the night.
  • cote The farmer built a cozy cote for his chickens to roost in at night.
  • covet
  • covets I can't stand people who covet what I have.
  • covey He had the uncanny ability to cull information from his Covey group of friends.
  • crafty She was crafty when she tried to get out of paying for her meal.
  • crt
  • cst This is a standard letter.
  • ct I'm sure that you are just ctitating over nothing.
  • cubit The cubit is a unit of volume.
  • curt The waiter was very curt with his reply.
  • cut I need to cut the rope in order to free the trapped animal.
  • cute My new kitten is so cute with her big, round eyes and fluffy tail.
  • cuvier Georges Cuvier was a famous French naturalist and zoologist who made significant contributions to the field of comparative anatomy.
  • cv I am revising my CV to highlight my qualifications and experience.
  • cwt The farmer sold his grains in units of cwt.
  • davit The Davit allowed us to board the catboat.
  • Evita Evita Perón was a loved and controversial figure in Argentina's political history.
  • fifty I need to take fifty dollars out of my account.
  • fit She tried on her new dress and it was the perfect fit.
  • gaiety There was plenty of gaiety at the party.
  • gait The runner's gait was smooth and effortless as she passed by the spectators.
  • Git My git repository is empty.
  • Gite I would like to rent a Gite in the nearest town.
  • gravity The gravitational pull of the sun keeps the planets in orbit around it.
  • Katy Katy baked a cake for her friend's birthday.
  • kit I have a new kit for my cat.
  • kite We were playing with a kite in the park.
  • kitty
  • levity It was a little too much of the levity for my taste.
  • nifty I have a nifty new idea for a marketing campaign.
  • PVT I need a pilot to operate the aircraft.
  • QTY The QTY of the product in stock is limited.
  • quit I decided to quit my job and explore other career opportunities.
  • suavity The interviewer was impressed with the candidate's suavity during the job interview.

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  • brother
  • brothers
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