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How to spell DAWGS correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "dawgs" is "dogs", which is the proper spelling of the word. Other options include "doggles" (a type of dog eyewear) or "dawdling" (meaning to waste time or move slowly). However, context is key in determining the correct suggestion for a misspelled word.

List of suggestions on how to spell dawgs correctly

  • bags I need to buy some new bags to carry all of my books.
  • caws I love waking up to the sound of caws from the crows outside my window.
  • dabs I love to take tiny dabs of hot sauce on my food.
  • DADS My friends and I planned a surprise party for our dads.
  • dag Dag was wakker geworden van een schok.
  • dago I can't stand that guy - he's a dago!
  • Dagos
  • DAGS
  • dais The dais was covered with a red velvet cloth.
  • dams China is planning to build dozens of new dams to help the country's struggling water infrastructure.
  • dawes She always wears Dawes bracelets.
  • dawns As the morning dawns, the birds begin to chirp and the sun rises slowly over the horizon.
  • days It's been a few days since I've seen you.
  • digs
  • dogs
  • drags She drags her feet behind her as she walks home from school.
  • draws She draws a beautiful picture of a sunset over the ocean.
  • dregs I drained the dregs from the bottle.
  • Drugs All drugs are dangerous.
  • FAGS I can't believe she would sleep with a FAGS.
  • GAGS The comedian had his audience laughing uproariously at his clever gags.
  • HAGS
  • JAGS The jags on the saw blade make it easy to cut through thick wood.
  • jaws The great white shark's fearsome jaws are legendary.
  • lags The game lags when too many players are in the same area.
  • MAGS I always put my mags in the safe.
  • nags
  • rags The homeless man was draped in rags, keeping warm while sleeping on the street corner.
  • sags
  • tags I have a few tags that I use on my Pinterest account.
  • tangs The tangs in the aquarium swam gracefully in unison.
  • wags The wags of the dog's tail showed how happy she was to see her owner.

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