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How to spell DEALD correctly?

The correct spelling for "deald" could be "deal", "dealed" or "dealing". It depends on the context of the word and the tense being used. If it's a past tense verb, "dealt" would be the correct spelling. If it's a present participle, "dealing" would be the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell deald correctly

  • dad
  • dale The sun was setting over the dale, casting a warm golden light over the fields.
  • dali Dali's surreal artworks often featured melting clocks and distorted figures.
  • dead
  • deadly The bite of a black widow spider can be deadly.
  • deal I was able to make a great deal on my new car thanks to my negotiating skills.
  • dealer I purchased a used car from a dealer last week.
  • deals She always searches for the best deals when she goes shopping.
  • Dealt
  • dearly
  • deed He received a special commendation for his heroic deed during the fire.
  • Del
  • deli
  • dell I bought my laptop from Dell.
  • desalt I need some desalt for my tonic water.
  • dial She couldn't dial the number fast enough because her hands were shaking.
  • Dialed I dialed his number but got no answer.
  • Donald Donald is the name of the new employee.
  • dread I dread the thought of having to go to court.
  • dual The new phone comes with a dual camera system that takes amazing photos.
  • lead As the team captain, I need to lead my teammates to victory.
  • teal She's wearing teal sneakers.

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