How to spell DOINE correctly?

We think the word doine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell doine correctly

  • dane "I have seen most waters," the Dane announced calmly and proudly.
  • din Katterle's warning was not heard in the din around them.
  • dine Come and dine, will you, at half-past eight?"
  • diner Eating the dragon's heart enables the diner to acquire the knowledge stored in this "organ of the mind" so that he can understand the language of birds, and in fact of all the creatures that have contributed to the making of a dragon.
  • ding Instead of making to Wordsworth the wholly sufficient answer that much poetry of the highest kind employs a language that by no perversion can be called essentially the same as the language of prose, he allows himself to be led by his German metaphysic into considering poetry as a Ding an sich and deducing therefrom the proposition that poetry must employ a language different from that of prose.
  • don Hurrying on, however, to the old town, on the south bank of the Don, we visited the parish church of Old Machar, a grand and venerable building.
  • done I don't know what's to be done.
  • donna You would have supposed them to be talking about a prima donna concert.
  • donne They did justice to it, though in a gentlemanly way-not in the mode Mr. Donne would have done had he been present.
  • down I'll get it down as soon as I can.
  • downer Dame Jocelyn Anita Barrow, Mrs Downer, DBE (born 15 April 1929) is the Director for UK Development at Focus Consultancy Ltd.
  • downy Find the nest of the downy and describe the nest and the eggs.
  • dune I daurna say what he wadna hae dune, gien half the tales be true 'at they tell o' 'im; an' the last ane was little better.
  • tine He remained for a long tine silent, strongly agitated, and this would have sufficed to prove how great must be his secret anguish at times, under his apparent indifference to poverty.
  • tone Ginevra changed her tone.
  • tonne 0E+11) tonnes of carbon /yr, and the energy reserve per tonne of biomass is between about 1.
  • Doing What are you doing then?
  • Dino 'No, I did not know it,' said Dino, speaking between his teeth.
  • Dion It seemed a great wrong that, amid the unspeakably terrible misfortune which had overtaken her mistress, she could not refrain from thinking continually of Dion.
  • Duane She sipped it leisurely, looking over the delicate crystal rim at Duane.
  • Dionne Little Beaver, the Jicarilla Apache pal of Red Ryder Willie Hale, musician also known as "Little Beaver" Lionel Giroux, the wrestler known as "Little Beaver" Little Beaver Creek State Wild and Scenic River and National Scenic River, in Ohio Marcel Dionne, with the nickname of Little Beaver Theodore Cleavers nickname in the TV series Leave It to Beaver
  • Dona And once on a moonless midnight, when the venerable Dona Acosta had passed away, the watchman in the Jews' cemetery, stealing from his turret at a suspicious noise, turned his lantern upon-no body-snatcher, but-O more nefarious spectacle!
  • Donn Dominic Barber (1955–2003), English theatre director Dominique Barber (born 1986), American football player Don Barber (born 1964), Canadian-born ice hockey player Donn Barber (1871–1925), American architect Douglas Barber, Canadian businessman
  • Donnie Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova of Moscow, Russia (1950–2003), rarest form of conjoined twins, one of few cases of dicephalus tetrabrachius tripus (two heads, four arms, three legs) Ronnie and Donnie Galyon of Ohio (b.
  • Donny In 2017, former Jefferson Starship band member Craig Chaquico filed suit against the other remaining members of the band, including David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin, over the use of the Jefferson Starship band name on tour billings and merchandise, citing a 1985 agreement to retire the band name.
  • Dunne Or had Mr. Dunne employed the influence of the great corporation which he represents to defeat or pass a measure in which his company can have no legitimate interest, again would there be good reason for complaint.
  • Dina Dina ran up to the doll, looked around, seized the doll, and fled.
  • Diane I am now about to descend, and to take you with me to the ground floor-where, as you may remember I formerly remarked, are deposited the Aldine Vellums and Large Papers, and choice and curious copies from the libraries of Grolier, Diane de Poictiers, and de Thou.
  • Taine Taine had evidently just reached the navigation room.
  • Donner It reached its tragic denouement just below the summit of the Sierras, on the shores of Donner Lake.

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