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How to spell DRAWES correctly?

If you are searching for the correct spelling of "drawes", the word you might mean is likely "draws". This is the correct spelling of the present tense form of the verb "draw", which refers to the act of creating a picture or pulling an object closer.

List of suggestions on how to spell drawes correctly

  • dares She dares to take risks where others don't, which has led to her success.
  • dawes
  • drakes The drakes were splashing and preening themselves in the nearby pond.
  • drapes
  • drawer I forgot where I put my car keys, I looked in every drawer in the house.
  • drawers She searched through the drawers for her missing socks.
  • drawls The Texan drawls made it almost difficult for the New York transplant to understand him.
  • draws She draws a beautiful portrait of her cat.
  • drays The delivery company used a team of drays to transport the heavy boxes of merchandise to the warehouse.
  • dries The laundry dries faster on a warm and breezy day.

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