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How to spell DRUIT correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "druit" include "fruit", "druid" or "drought". It is important to consider the context of the misspelling in order to determine the correct spelling. Proofreading and using spell check can also help catch and correct spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell druit correctly

  • adroit She was adroit at solving puzzles and riddles.
  • brit
  • bruit The bruit of the airplane overhead drowned out their conversation.
  • brut
  • cruet I have a cruet of olive oil for my salad.
  • daunt The prospect of taking a calculus exam might daunt some students.
  • davit She lent me her davit to help me up the ladder.
  • debit I would like to add a debit card to my account.
  • digit The ATM asked me to enter my four-digit pin number.
  • doubt
  • draft I will need to revise this draft before submitting it to my boss.
  • drain I need to open the drain to divert the water.
  • DRAT I DRAT I have to go to work.
  • drift The boat began to drift aimlessly in the calm waters.
  • drip I found a drip on the floor.
  • DROID A droid is a small, mobile computer.
  • drub The underdog football team managed to drub the undefeated champions in the final game.
  • drug The doctor prescribed a drug to lower the patient's blood pressure.
  • druid The druid is a wacky old man who lives in the woods.
  • druids Druids are a religious group who revere the natural world.
  • drum I need to get a new drum set.
  • drupe A peach is a juicy drupe with a large seed in the center.
  • duct The pipes were carefully insulated to prevent condensation from forming on the outer surface of the duct.
  • duet The singers performed a beautiful duet together on stage.
  • dust
  • fruit I'm going to get some fruit at the store.
  • fruity I love the taste of juicy and fruity strawberries in the summer.
  • grit Don't give up on your dreams, grit them and confront them.
  • Pruitt The EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, said in a statement Saturday that he will resign.
  • reit
  • rut I can't believe he stuck his foot in the rut!
  • trait She has a trait of being very honest.
  • trust I trust that you will keep this conversation between us confidential.
  • writ She spent all night working on her writ for the court hearing.

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