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How to spell EFECT correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "efect", it's vital to correct it to its proper spelling, "effect". This correction ensures clarity and maintains proper grammar. Remember, every detail matters when writing, so make sure to use the correct spelling to convey your message accurately and professionally.

List of suggestions on how to spell efect correctly

  • affect
  • defect
  • effect
  • effects
  • eft The leaves of the eft tree rustle in the wind.
  • eject The officer motioned for them to eject, but they didn't move.
  • elect I need to elect someone to chair the meeting.
  • erect My boss told me to erect the tent for the camping ground.
  • evert I couldn't believe it when I saw her evert her eyelids to reveal her beautiful blue eyes.
  • evict The landlord was able to evict the tenant for not paying rent.
  • fact The fact is, I can't swim.
  • infect
  • perfect She had a perfect score on her exam.

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