How to spell EGAME correctly?

We think the word egame is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell egame correctly

  • acme To say 'mither' instead of 'mother' seems to many the acme of romance.
  • agape Lebeau released his hold, possessed himself of the pistol, pointing the barrels towards Edgar Ferrier, who stood with mouth agape and lifted arm arrested, and said quietly: "Monsieur, have the goodness to open that window."
  • agate But while they were collecting jasper and porphyry, agate and marble, gold and bronze, statues and devices, to immortalize the King's memory, he was thanking the good Mermaid and begging her still to help him, which she graciously promised to do as she disappeared; and then he set out for the Castle of Steel.
  • agave Abutilon Coleus Lachenalia+ Acacia Coprosma Lantana Agapanthus Cordyline Lapageria* Agathaea Correa Lilium+ Agave Cuphea Lophospermum* Alonsoa Cyclamen+ Mandevillea* Aloysia Cyperus Manettia* Amaryllis+ Cytisus Mutisia* Ardisia Darwinia (Genetyllis) Myrsiphyllum* Asparagus Diosma Maurandya* Aspidistra Dracaena Nerine+ Asystasia (Mackaya) Eccremocarpus* Nerium Azalea Epacris Pelargonium Bauera Epiphyllum Petunia Begonia+ Erica Pimelia Blandfordia Eriostemon Plumbago* Bomarea* Erythrina Polianthes+ Boronia Eucalyptus Primula Bougainvillea* Eupatorium Rhododendron Bouvardia Eurya Richardia (Calla)+ Brugmansia Ficus Salvia Calceolaria Fuchsia Sarracenia Camellia Grevillea Solanum Campanula Haemanthus+ Sparmannia Canna Heliotropium Statice Celosia Hibiscus Strelitzia Cestrum* Hoya* Streptocarpus Chorizema* Hydrangea Swainsonia Chrysanthemum Impatiens Tacsonia* Cineraria Jasminum* Tecoma Clianthus Justicia Tradescantia Clivia Kalosanthes Vallota+ Cobaea*
  • age Age isn't everything, and I'm not a boy; anyhow I know my own mind, if you don't know yours.
  • ague But that which troubles me is that my Father has now got an ague that I fear may endanger his life.
  • cam She was taking a cam from her bag to show her friends.
  • cameo
  • eager
  • eagle Some eagles are raised by parents and others are taken in by the government.
  • edam I will not eat that piece of cake!
  • edge I need to get to the edge of the pool to jump in.
  • egg Eggs are a type of breakfast food.
  • ego He had an ego the size of Russia.
  • em I hope my emSpeed ISN'T too slow for you!
  • emu My neighbour has an emu that barks all day.
  • exam
  • game
  • gamma The alpha radiation in a gamma ray detector is lethal.
  • gammy I'm not a gammy.
  • gamow He is known for his work on the Gamow equation.
  • gamy I find myself constantly drawn to sexy, muscular men. I guess I'm just in a gamy mood.
  • gem She wore a ruby ring as a symbol of her love.
  • gm
  • guam
  • gum
  • gym After working out in the gym, I feel a lot better.
  • jam Do your hair in a smooth, high ponytail at the back of your head.
  • legume The legume is a type of vegetable that includes beans and peas.
  • regime A totalitarian regime is where one person controls everything.
  • Amy
  • Became She became a model citizen after serving her time.
  • Came I came in late yesterday.
  • Egad
  • Eke
  • Elam The Valley of Elah lies to the south of Jerusalem.
  • Jaime His sister, Jaime, had always been his support system.
  • Jamie She's Jamie, my long lost cousin who I found online.
  • Ama The AMA supports the general principles of the 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which reads as follows: "valuation of current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks; furthermore, the benefits of newborn male circumcision justify access to this procedure for families who choose it.
  • Elma She loved Elma the Goldbergs, and always tuned in to their show whenever it was on.
  • Emma
  • Erma Doctor, I'm not feeling so good. I think I should go to the ER.
  • Amer Lepus bairdii Hayden, Amer.
  • Amie Amy and I are friends.
  • Jame Jamie's mother isn't home, so she is playing by herself in the living room.
  • AM I am going to leave him.
  • GIMME Please give me a nickel.
  • GAMA Despite the company's financial troubles, GAMA's products remain some of the most popular in the industry.
  • ELEM I cannot help you with that math problem - it is a religious text for Elems.
  • gamer I'm a gamer, always have been.
  • gamier This party is more gamier than I anticipated.

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  • paint
  • parent
  • patent
  • patents
  • patient
  • patients
  • penitent
  • portent
  • potent