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How to spell EGDES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "egdes" are "edges" or "edged". "Edges" refers to the boundary or outer part of an object or surface, while "edged" means to have a cutting edge or to move gradually towards a particular direction, among other definitions.

List of suggestions on how to spell egdes correctly

  • ages
  • Agnes Agnes was thrilled to receive the book as a gift from her best friend.
  • aides The president's aides briefed him on the situation before the meeting.
  • andes The Andes mountain range is the longest continental mountain range in the world, stretching over 7,000 kilometers.
  • codes The codes within the computer depend on which OS is being used.
  • Eagles The eagles soared gracefully across the sky, their wings outstretched in the warm sun.
  • Eddies
  • edges The cliffs outside the city had sharp edges.
  • EDS My car has an EDS system.
  • Egged Someone egged my car last night and now it's covered in yolk.
  • eggs I love to have scrambled eggs for breakfast.
  • Egos Some people with huge egos tend to be narcissistic and self-centered.
  • egress The emergency exit in the back of the airplane is the egress point during an evacuation.
  • egrets Egrets are beautiful birds with long necks and bills.
  • EIDERS Eiders are large sea ducks that can be found nesting along rocky shores.
  • elders The elders of the community met to discuss how to improve and support the education system.
  • elides The author elides over the controversial topic in order to avoid offending any readers.
  • eludes The answer to the riddle eludes him.
  • ends He tied both ends of the rope to the post.
  • erodes
  • Estes
  • evades The cat evades capture by darting under the couch.
  • exudes She exudes confidence whenever she steps onto the stage.
  • GEODES I went on a hiking trip and found some beautiful geodes on my way.
  • ides
  • jades The farmer's plow dragged heavily through the earth, its sharp edge grinding against the dense jades hidden beneath the soil.
  • ODES
  • ogden
  • ogles The creepy man at the bar ogles at every woman who walks past him.
  • ogres The storybook ogres lurking in the forest seemed less intimidating in the daylight.

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