Correct spelling for ENTIE

We think the word entie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for entie

  • Enter(Definition of enter)
  • It is about half-past ten when edgar and zino enter the lipinski drawing-room.

  • Auntie(Definition of auntie)
  • Auntie, whatever shall we do, for i've forgotten the bands?

  • Ont
  • Delisle, claude and guillaume, their map of northwestern louisiana, i. e., carte du canada ou de la nouvelle france et des decouvertes que y ont ete faites.

  • Ant(Definition of ant)
  • He became much excited as he desperately chased a middle-aged man, who occasionally turned and fired off his gun, but was suddenly tripped by an ant-hill and fell to the ground, with the other on top of him.

  • Entree(Definition of entree)
  • Seeing how dreadfully cut up i was he changed his plans, and to give me a chance of a word with you ran down on first train to his place; we then rode over; he managed an entree to the hall and secured me a retreat here, loitering about the park himself until luncheon.

  • Nettie
  • "a little," nettie told him.

  • Entire(Definition of entire)
  • Typewriting was not among his accomplishments, and the entire proceeding was strange to him.

  • Endue(Definition of endue)
  • Beyond the brook, above the tall trees, is seen the shingled spire of the church, an early english building dedicated to st. catherine, not yet spoiled, despite restorations and the scraping which its original lancet windows have undergone, in misguided efforts to endue them with an air of modernity.

  • Inter(Definition of inter)
  • They all whispered an' nudged ole sandford morley out of life an' inter his grave.

  • Ernie
  • Course, having noticed that, i generally use it as my cue for passing pleasant words to ernie.

  • Entail(Definition of entail)
  • We are certainly making little speed, and it is now announced, whether correctly or not, that achi baba is to be besieged into submission by starvation if necessary, owing to the great loss of life a direct attack would entail.

  • Unity(Definition of unity)
  • And now all seemed to be surrounded with a bright circle of unity and blessedness.

  • Ene(Definition of ene)
  • Ene. = 1. je. 2. jud. chr. 3. gen.

  • Untie(Definition of untie)
  • Vassilissa, who was accustomed to this silent gathering of the forces before her mother broke into specially impassioned speech, began calmly to untie her pinafore.

  • Entice(Definition of entice)
  • "in that case," said wong pao coldly, "entice him into this inadequate chamber by words suggestive of liberal entertainment."

  • Entity(Definition of entity)
  • As the bluebirds had been viewless when merged into the backgrounds of their own colour, so he, while sitting with his back against a tawny cedar, had been drawn into the entity of the wilderness to which, obviously, he belonged.

  • Unties
  • He unclasps the buckle and unties the knot.

  • End(Definition of end)
  • By-and-by the long drive came to an end.

  • Endive(Definition of endive)
  • If regularly dressed with manure, and otherwise well managed, the bed will supply endive in winter and other salads in summer, or it may be cropped with dwarf beans, which can be removed in august to make way for the usual planting of endive.

  • Unite(Definition of unite)
  • Nevertheless, on november 7 lee decided to unite his army.

  • Anti(Definition of anti)
  • They called the pope the anti-christ, and in every conquered city he found satirical songs and jeering verses about his lord, the king, his generals and all spaniards.

  • Envied
  • At these times i envied beril his lot.

  • Elite(Definition of elite)
  • She stepped quickly to the door of the elite bootery.

  • Anita
  • 229 anita went to college...............................

  • Indie(Definition of indie)
  • Lauts, g. geschiedenis van de vestiging, uitbreiding ... van de magt der nederlanders in indie.

  • Ante(Definition of ante)
  • On the contrary, i made up my bed on the floor in the ante-room myself, in order not to give her any trouble with it.

  • Enid
  • "i thank thee, lord," answered enid patiently; but she called for no service, remaining silent and forlorn in the farthest corner of the great chamber.

  • Int
  • From this equation z can be found by the rule given above for the linear equation of the first order, and will involve one arbitrary constant; thence y = y1 [eta] = y1 [int] zdx + ay1, where a is another arbitrary constant, will be the general solution of the original equation, and, as was to be expected, involves two arbitrary constants.

  • Untied(Definition of untied)
  • For reply, her companion rapidly untied the bandage, and withdrew it with a flourish.

  • Unit(Definition of unit)
  • The positive refers to a single unit; the negative to a boundless unit.

16 words made from the letters entie

4 letter words made from entie:

tine, iten, eien, teen.

3 letter words made from entie:

ent, ene, tin, tie, tee, nit, ten, net, nee.

5 letter words made from entie:

tiene, niete, neeti.