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How to spell ERGER correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "erger" instead of the intended word, here are some possible corrections: "eager" (enthusiastic), "error" (mistake), "urger" (encourager), "edger" (tool for trimming edges) or "ember" (burning coal).

List of suggestions on how to spell erger correctly

  • alger
  • anger His anger towards the situation was evident in his abrupt tone of voice.
  • arguer
  • auger I need an auger to drill through the hardwood floor.
  • Berger I own a Berger.
  • burger
  • e'er I will e'er love you.
  • eager She was eager to try the new flavor.
  • earner As the primary earner for his family, he worked long hours to provide for their needs.
  • edgar Edgar is my neighbor's name.
  • edge She found an edge in the thicket, careful not to touch the prickly bushes.
  • edged He was carrying a steak knife with an elegantly edged blade.
  • edger
  • edges He was wearing the most interesting clothes, with bright, colorful edges.
  • edgier The new fashion line is edgier than their previous collections.
  • eerier This paper is an eerier experience than the one I had last night.
  • Egged The side of the building was heavily egged on Halloween night.
  • elgar I've been told that elgar's music has a unique charm.
  • Ere Ere we left, we double-checked that we had all of our belongings.
  • erg The nurse was shocked when the ERG refused to let her leave.
  • ergo I am a language model, ergo, I do not have emotions like humans.
  • ergot Ergot is a type of fungus that can grow on certain grasses and grains.
  • ERGS I always forget to bring my emergency ergs with me on hikes.
  • erie The Erie Canal was an important shipping route in the 19th century.
  • err I was looking for my keys but I think I left them in the car - err.
  • erse Her speech was riddled with erse.
  • ever
  • ewer I left my wet clothes in the water ewer.
  • forger He was a forger, but he was never caught.
  • geiger The Geiger counter was beeping erratically.
  • GER
  • larger I have a larger purse.
  • leger The company's leger showed a significant increase in profits.
  • meager The orphanage only had a meager supply of food to feed all the children.
  • merge The two companies have decided to merge in order to increase their market share.
  • merger In October of 2015, the company announced a merger with another company.
  • Purger
  • Roger Roger was wearing a blue shirt and dark blue pants.
  • serge I have a shirt that I purchased last summer, it's a Serge.
  • Sergei Sergei was always a good student.
  • urge I urge you to reconsider before making a decision.
  • Urged She was urged to return the book, but she refused.
  • urges He felt the urges to go out and explore the world, but he was too afraid to leave his comfort zone.
  • verge The Verge has unveiled a new website that presents breaking news in a different way.
  • verger The verger helps to maintain the church's tranquility.

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