Correct spelling for EXCELORATER

We think the word excelorater is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for excelorater

  • accelerate "Living cells," says a late European authority, "possess most effective means to accelerate reactions and to cause surprising chemical results."
  • accelerated But the two vast armies they had set in motion began to move with accelerated speed toward each other, and they stopped the trench where it was.
  • accelerator An early model of the linear accelerator also gave a beam of heavy positive ions at high energies.
  • exasperate So long, therefore, as the oppressions of a government are kept within such limits as simply not to exasperate against it a power greater than its own, the right of revolution cannot be appealed to, and is therefore inapplicable to the case.
  • excellent It was cosy, and the dinner was excellent.
  • excoriate I regret to say that I did not deliver a moral sermon upon the duty of forgiving our enemies, and the sin of profanity, then and there; but, being a red-hot Abolitionist, stared fixedly at the tall rebel, who was a copperhead, in every sense of the word, and privately resolved to put soap in his eyes, rub his nose the wrong way, and excoriate his cuticle generally, if I had the washing of him.
  • exculpate Your Committee conceive that under the orders of the House they are by no means obliged to make a complete state of all the evidence which may tend to criminate or exculpate every person whose transactions they may find it expedient to report: this, if not specially ordered, has not hitherto been, as they apprehend, the usage of any committee of this House.
  • execrate But a change of men we totally abhor; a change of office, unless in the way of promotion, we utterly discountenance; and a change from a majority to a minority we execrate as wholly abominable, detestable, and in nowise to be endured.
  • exhilarate We left port on the 13th of February, and for many days our time passed pleasantly, but rather monotonously, with nothing greatly to exhilarate or to depress our spirits.
  • exhilarated Peter felt exhilarated by the presence of the stranger.
  • exploiter Jonson appears first in the employment of Philip Henslowe, the exploiter of several troupes of players, manager, and father-in-law of the famous actor, Edward Alleyn.
  • exploratory Of course the second class only can be called exploratory expeditions in a more restricted sense-the voyages of the first category became voyages of discovery through accidental circumstances.
  • explorer Between 1858 and 1860 the members of the Palliser Expedition, and particularly that tireless explorer, Dr. James Hector, pushed into the very heart of the mountains, discovering new passes, tracing rivers to their sources, and for the first time giving the world some idea of the wonderful region of peaks, lakes and valleys that lay beyond the western prairies.
  • Excerpted Transcriber's Note: These comments are not part of the original printed text of the book; they are excerpted from notes hand-written by the author in Villanova University's copy.
  • Explored I managed to spend the intermediate time much as before,-fishing or sailing and shooting on the Shannon, with Larry as crew and old Mike O'Hagan as pilot, when we explored not only the banks of the beautiful river, but the various lochs which opened out of it.
  • accelerates It accelerates the circulation, draws the blood into the surface, relaxes and opens the pores of the skin, promotes the elimination of morbid matter and increases and stimulates the electromagnetic energies in the body.
  • exhilarates 1. It has a nervine property, by which it excites the nervous system inordinately, and exhilarates the brain.

386 words made from the letters excelorater

3 letter words made from excelorater:

eec, otc, cox, ect, tor, roc, ert, err, eel, lot, rat, cxl, crt, cot, art, oct, ace, tea, ler, ale, lac, oar, exa, are, act, cro, lat, etc, eta, ate, era, aec, leo, xcl, ter, tao, let, ret, axe, tlc, oat, lax, col, lea, lao, clx, ceo, rot, ore, cer, toe, alt, tee, lee, arc, tar, orr, ola, car, lox, oca, cat, tec, eat, roe, tax, ear.

4 letter words made from excelorater:

torr, crex, oral, reel, role, oeta, toer, rear, leto, oxer, eeto, tare, elea, cert, clot, cote, real, etlo, roar, oate, colt, lert, rale, oxea, trox, tree, core, ocal, lear, etre, late, lota, talc, treo, octa, cora, trel, laox, areo, race, xcor, xeer, aleo, coax, rate, crax, acre, aloe, ecto, reax, lero, orte, tera, earl, cart, xare, teal, rece, ertl, coal, rare, cree, toal, coat, cole, olea, texa, rote, torx, leer, toea, leao, orca, atle, rotl, rola, taxo, taro, tear, erce, lore, rota, ecer, coxa, alto, cola, xrco, calx, care, coex, cero, tael, acer, tore, axle, taco, alee, eorl, tale, eral, celt, xcel, rort, eter, elee, cere, rete, eteo, tero, ltor, aero, rotc, taee, xote, lace, trol.

5 letter words made from excelorater:

creer, laroe, etree, ertel, rorex, loera, creel, crore, recre, reate, larco, alero, clear, atelo, clore, letea, loret, lexar, axtel, excel, arcel, arrol, eclat, atole, teele, caret, exert, corta, recto, coxal, cerae, extol, crato, coale, latoc, teare, alert, racer, eelco, clert, corte, retax, eater, treco, traer, rotec, actel, exalt, carro, oxera, celtx, colee, carex, corra, arete, coate, letra, artel, acter, calox, retro, actor, ecleo, croal, exora, rocta, extel, terao, creal, taxco, acoel, atler, exler, alere, carol, raree, elaeo, later, laxer, coxae, lacet, oxlee, octel, ceral, terce, elate, retal, artec, ealor, orale, realo, aereo, areel, erato, teera, caroe, acree, reale, eletr, otrar, oater, ratel, lacor, atrox, ratee, creta, telex, cater, crate, leare, corre, recer, terro, leear, leete, xlate, ortac, taxer, terex, arere, rexer, coatl, react, alter, cerra, toral, claro, croel, lacer, talco, toler, octal, telae, extra, retox, ercel, latex, terol, trece, cleat, calor, caere, oracl, corer, xerta, ralte, celer, oltre, orlac, reato, tarlo, acero, teleo, exact, trela, coral, cloer, lorre, tarle, calot, rexel, telco, excoa, clere, aceto, arcot, relex, orear, lorca, altro, crear, cerat, carte, recta, taroc, ertle, erler, rotax, corax, execl, orate, arcee, alete, tocar, lerot, trace, certo, corex, raxle, taler, roter, cleto, latro, coler, certa, oreal, crete, roate, elect, lacto, croat, relax, erect.

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