What is the correct spelling for EXCELRATION?

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Correct spelling for EXCELRATION

We think the word excelration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for excelration

  • acceleration What was the physical cause of this acceleration according to the theory of gravitation?
  • exacerbation What then can ensue but a continual exacerbation of hatred, an unextinguishable feud, an incessant reciprocation of mischief, a mutual vigilance to entrap, and eagerness to destroy.
  • exaltation Here we have no ideal exaltation of character, but life with its blended faults and virtues,-a gentle nature unstrung by passing events, and thus rendered "out of tune and harsh."
  • exasperation This kiss, wrenched from him at the moment he felt himself strongest, obliterating useless exasperation and futile combat, ended his resistance.
  • exception With the exception of his enthusiasm for Lucy he was no sentimentalist.
  • excitation His magnificent imaginations of good things to come have also served the purpose, in the general development of sociology, of what rhetoricians call excitation.
  • exclamation There was a sudden exclamation from Anthony; and Isabel stared in silent dismay.
  • excoriation There was a distinct lesion of the oesophagus and a decided excoriation of the fibula.
  • excretion In modern Crustacea, the chief organs of renal excretion are two pairs of glands in the head, one lying at the base of the antennae and one at the base of the maxillae.
  • exculpation In my heart I believe she feels as much relief at Mona's exculpation as at the discovery of the desired deed.
  • execration A deep growl of execration went up, and the farewell might have been warmer but for the troopers' presence.
  • exhalation An exhalation of this kind, from a mouth which had just before declared an utter abhorrence of all spirituous liquors, not only changed my doubts into certainty, but my raptures into loathing; and it would have been impossible for me to have preserved common complaisance five minutes longer, when my servant returned with a coach.
  • exhilaration Her color was high; she wore a pretty riding-hat, a close-fitting gray habit, and her eyes were sparkling from the exhilaration of the gallop along the level road.
  • exoneration Within five minutes Sally was back behind the locked door of her bedchamber, alone with the glowing exaltation of complete exoneration and triumph over the machinations of her ill-wishers, alone with what should naturally have been tingling satisfaction in consciousness of having administered yet another and (it was to be hoped) a final stinging snub to that animal of a Trego.
  • expiration In that case the chest is fully expanded, the glottis is closed and the muscles of expiration are contracted.
  • exploration To one afloat in the swirl of contradictory eddies, it may be difficult to judge of the whence and whither of the troubled current, but the ascent of the stream and the exploration of the sources of literature and the arts, of morals, politics, and religion, of commerce and mechanics, is on the whole no difficult adventure.
  • exultation To the loyal inhabitants of Guernsey it afforded cause of real exultation to witness the manly and excellent conduct of an officer of whom this flourishing island has to boast he is a native.

610 words made from the letters excelration

3 letter words made from excelration:

cer, eon, cot, oct, are, col, tee, nil, tin, ear, lee, nit, nee, not, axe, ret, ola, tic, tie, ira, oil, let, cia, lot, tar, ern, ire, eel, ixl, exa, eat, lin, cli, lao, ace, ene, eec, ixc, tan, nrc, can, eta, ilo, era, lax, cro, ceo, nox, nec, ent, lie, nix, arc, clx, ter, xcl, lan, rit, car, lir, rot, lac, ail, ale, rio, ect, ten, ane, lei, tea, alt, enl, ice, xli, ler, xci, air, lit, oar, rat, ali, ant, aec, tai, tlc, ton, lea, tia, etc, roc, cio, act, con, ani, neo, ron, lxi, lat, lox, ert, ain, tor, ate, oat, tec, tax, oca, ilx, cat, tao, ion, ore, one, rna, leo, aix, tri, otc, crt, roe, art, cox, toe, net, cxl.

5 letter words made from excelration:

carex, anole, exact, coxen, creil, axone, citee, croel, arine, exalt, creno, corax, atelo, anter, cerne, ecleo, colne, acter, acoel, actel, creta, elion, altix, axtel, atler, corne, actio, ertan, enter, crine, cielo, areni, ancre, exane, clain, atrox, acier, calne, einat, croal, coner, cater, alite, elect, artec, ciano, cinar, caril, alien, caire, axino, erato, arone, ertle, cerio, antle, atrio, elite, clane, cotan, clear, acene, corex, axite, altri, clone, caito, canot, cinae, caion, altro, enero, cinto, creel, crete, alire, atole, cilan, cione, caere, croan, creal, eiler, coile, crile, coler, canio, eroei, atone, cleat, cinoa, acero, enlit, arete, cirta, clere, citor, certo, arlon, claro, catli, crone, caroe, ainee, elaeo, coral, creen, aline, caret, crane, carte, clean, enrol, coila, celan, clier, atoni, crena, colee, coari, coxae, clito, ercel, axile, aloni, eoxin, arent, cline, clein, eilot, arcti, enact, elint, etail, canor, antic, canto, arlit, cilea, erica, coria, cloer, aneto, aereo, erent, calot, alete, crati, eatin, cerat, actin, coale, arcee, ceoil, corni, cleto, coxal, citro, corna, acorn, ariot, crean, canol, cient, carol, centi, cerae, acree, craxi, calox, erlin, clert, eclat, conel, atire, atrix, arcel, clent, arico, celtx, atene, croix, ceren, ernle, caner, ceron, ceral, actor, ancol, alere, arcot, creon, eiron, carno, citra, erlan, atric, croat, alero, anele, cotai, ecton, anile, artio, cante, eleia, erian, eitel, cairo, cerna, ciona, alter, ation, etian, eliot, alone, alito, carni, anexo, ealor, elrio, cairn, enate, eelco, erion, canoe, eletr, crate, ereli, axton, antix, elaio, colie, ailor, aiton, crato, coatl, areel, aceto, elate, artix, ercan, cinta, conti, altin, eteri, enlai, conta, eolic, earnt, etica, coate, enloe, elric, eneco, anier, erect, entre, corte, cnote, eater, erice, aerie, clore, aneel, excel, artel, erlen, cente, certa, entia, alert, acone, coati, caton, ertel, atlin, coire, aitor, eaten, canet, alier, craon, ciena, corta, axion, ctene, celer, artin, calor, coeli.

4 letter words made from excelration:

ctxn, eile, lair, coxa, alee, anio, exon, eral, lena, lota, leer, cain, cote, etlo, liro, atle, aeon, cero, eter, inca, aire, inec, cran, lear, earn, clan, enel, ecer, coex, anti, lanx, eira, elio, lite, clit, aleo, cron, ltor, clio, enix, lien, naor, leao, lane, iler, nail, cene, arno, leit, lean, erne, cnlt, near, cere, eire, lari, loan, lent, care, lert, enic, acer, acne, ilet, coin, inle, iten, erni, aero, cite, neel, ilex, aril, cane, lino, areo, lixa, elan, alne, eien, loen, lira, lion, colt, cola, laon, exil, alto, elea, etre, ante, core, leto, loin, iron, anil, cert, lone, ilna, clon, eteo, eorl, calx, loix, loir, ento, laie, nato, coat, crax, erie, cent, liao, laic, ecto, coax, lint, cora, anle, cree, liet, loei, corn, ileo, loti, eeto, axon, iran, larn, icao, cole, iota, coln, erei, leio, laox, leon, eoan, axil, aloe, anol, loxi, neat, lein, aoli, coil, erce, coal, coir, leti, nero, ical, narc, cart, etna, nexo, axin, itno, inoa, lero, exit, iora, iton, coen, airt, naxi, line, elei, leni, cali, late, crex, liar, cone, inlo, lorn, ciao, icon, elia, celt, lore, enol, lran, nece, enlo, cant, lace, earl, ertl, eier, clot, acre, nele, axle.

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