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How to spell FIEWER correctly?

If you meant to type "fiewer" but spelled it incorrectly, some possible correct suggestions could be "fewer" or "viewer". "Fewer" refers to a smaller quantity, while "viewer" relates to someone who watches something, such as a TV viewer.

List of suggestions on how to spell fiewer correctly

  • chewer The dog was a voracious chewer and could demolish a bone in minutes.
  • ewer The antique ewer was filled with fragrant flowers to decorate the table.
  • feeder The bird feeder was filled with seeds every morning to attract the neighborhood birds.
  • feeler The feeler on the antenna of an insect helps it to sense its environment.
  • fever
  • fewer There are fewer students in the classroom today than yesterday.
  • fibber My little brother is such a fibber that I never know whether he's telling the truth or not.
  • fiber Adding more fiber to your diet can improve digestion and help prevent heart disease.
  • fiercer The competition became fiercer as more players entered the game.
  • fierier The fierier the chili pepper, the hotter it is to taste.
  • Fifer
  • filer I need to borrow a filer to sharpen these dull pencils.
  • filler She used a filler to patch the hole in her shirt.
  • finer I must find a finer string to tie my shoe.
  • finger I cut my finger while slicing vegetables.
  • Firer
  • firmer My firmer grip prevents the door from closing.
  • fisher The fisher likes to catch fish in the water.
  • fitter He was a much fitter runner than she.
  • fiver I got a fiver for my birthday.
  • flower I put a flower in my hair.
  • Freer The Freer Gallery of Art is a renowned museum located in Washington D.C.
  • hewer The hewer was tasked with cutting down the trees to make way for the new road.
  • NEWER This computer is newer.
  • sewer Finding this sewer pipe underneath the street was exciting.
  • viewer As a television viewer, I enjoy watching game shows.

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