How to Pronounce fiercer?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fiercer" is [fˈi͡əsə], [fˈi‍əsə], [f_ˈiə_s_ə].

"Fiercer" in context

Fiercer is the word used to describe extreme levels of intensity or aggression. Whether it be in an argument, a challenge or an effort, a person or situation that is described as being fiercer is one that is incredibly powerful. Examples could include a deep sea creature that is almost too terrifying to imagine, a person that grits their teeth while they overcome an obstacle they've been facing, or an athlete that pushes themselves to maximum capacity in order to achieve a personal best. Fiercer can also be used to describe extreme emotions such as a deep-seated anger or pure passion.

What are similar-sounding words for fiercer?


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