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How to spell FIGETS correctly?

The correct spelling for "figets" may be "fidgets", which is a term referring to a person's restlessness or nervousness. It is important to double-check spelling mistakes, especially when it comes to words commonly used in everyday language.

List of suggestions on how to spell figets correctly

  • fagots
  • FIATS Filthy animals feed on FIATS.
  • fidget She would always fidget with her hair when she was nervous.
  • fidgets He fidgets with his pen during meetings.
  • fidgety He was getting fidgety during the long church service.
  • fights The two boxers had intense fights in the ring.
  • figs My aunt brought us some figs from her garden.
  • fillets I always buy my fillets fresh from the fishmonger.
  • fists I pumped my fists in the air.
  • fits I hope this dress fits me well.
  • fixes The IT department installs software fixes to address security vulnerabilities.
  • flights I need to book my flights to Mexico.
  • forgets She always forgets to turn off the oven after cooking.
  • frets The violinist had to remove the frets to make the adjustments.
  • frights Halloween is a time for costumes and fun, but for some, it can also bring about frights and scares.
  • gets
  • midgets There were three midgets in the show.
  • widgets The new update for the phone includes a variety of widgets for the home screen.

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